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Right now it's just a giant white CC symbol on a humble open field in Mocis-- turning it into an office/art gallery/hangout space worthy of the group it represents is going to take talent.  Which is why the staff of Creative Commons who've joined Second Life to host CC events in-world are looking for builders and scripters to help create their headquarters.  It's such an important undertaking, Lawrence Lessig himself stopped by yesterday to lend his avatar appearance to the cause, posing with other CC staffers at the Mocis site.  Realizing that I still had a copy of Cory Doctorow's avatar in my inventory from his last appearance in SL, I borrowed his identity to add more free culture muscle to the screenshots.  (And getting Cory's permission afterward to run these images here, of course.)   

More info on volunteering your 3D developer skills for Creative Commons tchotches, Linden Dollars, and the glory of getting with a righteous effort already full of smart, talented folks after the break.


Lessig with Creative Commons staffers Rejon McLuhan, Genevieve Junot, and Linden Lab CC coordinator Liana Linden.

Originally posted by CC's Francesca Babeli in the SL Forums here:

Calling Designers, Builders and Scripters-- help Creative Commons set up its meeting place and multimedia gallery.

Creativecommons.org now has a home base in Second Life, and the Commoners need your help building an inviting space for people to gather and share ideas and resources. If you are a designer, builder, or scripter willing to use your talents, then read on!


What We Need:
-The Commons: Gathering place for people interested in discussing Creative Commons and the Free Culture movement
-The Gallery: Multimedia gallery for displaying and distributing Creative Commons licensed art, video, and audio content.
-Info "kiosk" to distribute info about Creative Commons.
- Donation "jar" for making donations to creativecommons.org


Cornelius Linden provides Afro-powered bodyguard services to Lessig

What We'd Like:

We're looking for designs that are friendly and fun. What does ‘The Commons’ mean to you? For aesthetic ideas, take a look at Creativecommons.org to get a feel for Creative Commons style, taste and color palette.

-The Commons: A meeting/hanging out place that invites conversation and inspires creativity. This is your space! A coffee house? Tree house? Hanging garden? Floating yurt?
-The Gallery: Incorporated into the Commons, or alongside it, should be a multimedia gallery that shows off the work of artists, musicians, writers, and film makers who use CC licenses.

What to Do:
-Visit the CC HQ land at Mocis (18, 180, 41) and get a feel for the site.
-Send in samples of your previous builds and mock-ups of your ideas for the Creative Commons site. To do this, go into Second Life, take a snapshot and send a postcard to Francesca Babeli (francesca@creativecommons.org).
Subject line should read: CCHQ Entry
-All entries must be received by March 13, 2006

A Creativecommons.org panel will review proposals and contact designers. In appreciation of these services, the chosen builders will be given a selection of Creative Commons schwag and a Linden dollar stipend.


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