Friday, March 31, 2006



Direct portal to Federated Media's SL office here.

Lovisa Tackleberry is the SL name of a fine new ad exec with Federated Media, and she's the one you send an IM to, if you're interested in advertising on New World Notes-- Linden Dollars and SLURLs accepted. After explaining to the FM staff how easy it is to convert L$ to US$ and then transfer that to their Paypal account, they gamely assented to take Linden Dollars in lieu of currency.  (Interestingly, one member of the ad team already has experience taking ad buys with various currencies, when he worked with a publishing company that had both US and EU-based magazines, and advertisers would pay in the currency that was currently stronger on the market.)  To give them a presence in SL itself, I've donated my old office in Shipley to Lovisa-- a bare bones platform, really, because it's an old, overbuilt region, but look at the view!  Maybe we'll get John Battelle and the rest of the FM team to have rooftop parties here, like he used to do during the dot com heyday of his Industry Standard.

In doing all this, New World Notes gets to make some SL news of its own-- to my knowledge, Federated Media is the largest "legit" enterprise in Second Life to accept Linden Dollars as a kind of micropayment, becoming a mediator between its large real world advertisers and SL's burgeoning economy.  Pretty cool stuff.


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