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Update, 4/24:  The transcript is now online here.

UPDATE, 4/20:  Creative Commons talk screenshots and transcript info here.

Now that Aimee Weber has donated the Roman auditorium she created for this month's full eclipse in Turkey to Joi Ito's island of Kula, Creative Commons has a platform from which to speak on behalf of free culture-- Mia Wombat does that this Thursday.  On Saturday, Avalon island (last seen hosting Marvin the Depressed Robot) hosts the simulcast of an SL conference in London.  Not to mention the live music fest of virtual world musicians hosted in part by Coca-Cola Classic.  (No, really.)  Or the lecture on bridging the gap between an organization's IT workers and it's non-techie staff, hosted by Kansas City Public Library. 

Details on attending all these events and more after the break.


All listings in Second Life Time, i.e. Pacific Standard Time

Thursday, April 20

4:30PM - 6:30PM: Video Game Costume Party.  Dress up as characters from games of all genre and platform.  "All comers are welcome, (especially furries!)", event host Make Parvenu announces.  "There will be prizes, including cash for the top three costumes of the night!"

6:00PM - 7:00PM: CREATIVE COMMONS: Copyright Basics. The Creative Commons staff hosts a discussion on copyright issues, and the "Some Rights Reserved" licensing perspective with CC's general counsel, known in-world as Mia Wombat.  Come to Joi Ito's giant island of Kula for a talk with a leading figure in the battle for free culture.

Friday, April 21

8:00AM - 9:00AM: Getting Along with IT staff for Librarians and Educators.  Rain Noonan hosts this unique event, featuring an appearance by the ITS Director of the Kansas City Public Library.  "This session covers the basics of how to jump communication hurdles between techies and non-technical staff," Noonan posts.  "For VOIP, go to
type your name and click enter. Minimize window. If you do not have a microphone, you can ask questions via text chat."  Part of the Librarian's Continuing Education Seminar Series, from the Johnson County Library.

Saturday, April 22

9:00AM - 12:00PM: SL.UK06. Hosted by Fizik Baskerville in Avalon, this is a simulcast for a real world convention of SL Residents held in London, England.  Additional details on attending the London event at the event link and here.  (Full disclosure: Baskerville's a real world Pal o' Hamlet.)

1:00PM - 4:00PM: MENORCA Live Music Sim Grand Opening.  Singer and host Slim Warrior opens an island devoted to promoting and hosting SL musicians with a three hour concert sponsored by City Stages of Birmingham, Alabama.  "With live music from over a half-dozen musicians around the world. Audio simulcast also available in Club Arena (80,68,57) and Make Land in Tenera (110,197,92).  Upload screenshots of the event to Flickr, tagging them with 'slcitystages'.  In association with The Foundation for Rich Content (FFRC), presented in Second Life by Coca-Cola Classic."  Additional details and credits at the event link above.

Sunday, Aprl 23

11:00AM - 12:00PM:  Sunday Service by SL Pastor Benjamin Psaltery.

Update, April 18th, 10:51AM PST:  Fixed the CC event listing (it's on Thursday, not Wed. as originally stated) and replaced the auditorium screenshot with a better image.  (A permissions error had temporarily asploded the venue, which Ms. Weber has since fixed.)


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Zenigma Suntzu

There is a typo in the article, the Creative Commons speech is Thursday, April 20. Check the event listing for details.

Hamlet Au

Ack, good catch. Fixed now!

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