Thursday, April 06, 2006


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jim jones

"the user-created online world in which I've been an "embedded journalist" for the last three years"

enough already....how many times do you have to say this?

Hamlet Au

Well, like I said, it was originally a story for Kotaku, so I put some background in to explain how...


Elde Eponym

"Unsurprisingly, this is where a lot of gamers hang out, whether it's to make giant dreadnought starships"

That's *just* what we need in the sandboxes. More people rezzing giant builds day after day taking up huge chunks of the sandboxes - while accomplishing nothing but polishing their egos. (Like the lag inducing monstrosity in your picture - rezzed day after wearying day for nearly three weeks. Along comes a wipe? Along comes the owner to put up another - then to vanish for hours on end.)

The folks actually trying to work or experiment have to squeeze in between the collections of WII aircraft covering a quarter of the sim, or the guy who rezzed a highway around the sandbox every day for over a week. We can't even take to the skies - because of ego boosting skyscrapers and starships dutifully rezzed after nearly every wipe and then abandoned.


Hey there, good article. I don't consider myself to be a hardcore gamer--but these tips would have been helpful the first time I hit SL.

Tao Takashi

Regarding the sandboxes. I actually like this stuff around there ;-) I was until recently just living in these (and under bridges) before I got land and the nice thing is actually that you always see cool stuff around you might not see e.g. at your home land. And ok, if it's the same day for day it might get boring but until now this has not happened to me. So even after getting some land now I still think of sometimes hanging around in a sandbox and meet some people and to see stuff.

PS: And I always found some place for building/testing something.

Aznavour Wolfe

You know, if you find the sandboxes disruptive to work/experimentation, any rezzable space will do. I personally like the rezzing area south of Busy Ben's; it's not too crowded most of the time.

The one drawback is that you have to occasionally re-rez your work when the system returns it to inventory - but then, that's not all bad. Think of it as an autosave feature :)


As to sandboxes...you just don't get it. Those who build tend to respect the shared space. It's acceptable to rez a large demo, but clean-up is a necessary courtesy if the sandbox concept is going to work. To dismiss a valid complaint like Hamlet Au's proves you don't understand the intended purpose of the sandbox.

Some builders used their Lindens to rent store space rather than land...for them the sandboxes are extremely important. They are WORKing there. Some finance their online experience through sales of their builds. If you want to see large, incredible builds all you have to do is use Search and find them.

I was shocked to read you'd been in SL for 3 yrs and still retain this clueless mindset.

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