Friday, June 30, 2006



Spaceport Alpha proprietors Troy McLuhan and Kat Lemieux awaiting the NASA launch

An ideal lead-in to the weekend and for Americans, the July 4th holiday:  tomorrow afternoon, come watch the launch of NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery, as it's video simulcast on the isle of Spaceport Alpha.  The island is a project created by several real life members of the aerospace industry, including NASA, which means watching Discovery's lift-off alongside people who are infinitely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject.

Event starts Saturday at 12:30PM SLT.  Direct portal to the viewing screens here, Event listing here.


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epredator potato

I managed to get along to the saturday show/no show. It was interesting to see the place filling up vey quickly, dues to the blogs writing about it, and snapzilla picture appearing.
They quickly reached teh nominal limit set for the Sim. I was helping, having been to U2 in SL, to suggest that people 'took their bling and prim hair off' for the sake of the perfomance.
We all had a good chat and made some good contacts. For me the best example of this was that the guys in the bunker with me here are were watching the feed 'normally'.
It was good to compare and contrast my experience of sharing the space with 50 other people compared to theirs.
Streaming media but with presence certainly won the day.

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