Thursday, July 20, 2006

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Virtual world archicture critic and designer Chip Poutine reviews a new Second Life home with a difference-- it wasn't created for avatars, but for a real life family, a virtual model built by a Wisconsin designer who wanted his clients to "literally occupy the house, get a feel for the spaces, and suggest changes based on their first-person evaluation."  To my knowledge (and I may be wrong) this would be the first practical application of SL building tools by a professional architect. Of course, this is still Second Life, so Chip was on hand for the inevitable culture shock:

[I]t seems somewhat fitting that the clients of the House On Swan Pond were greeted at the front door by a completely nude avatar that was leaving nothing to the imagination, if you get my drift.

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Chip Poutine

I wasn't actually there when the griefing occurred. Keystone said the incident was pretty embarrassing, but reported and dealt with in short order.

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