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The latest episode of National Public Radio's acclaimed program "On the Media" features Governor/SL Resident Mark Warner speaking about his recent and upcoming appearances in SL, New York Times Magazine contributor (and Uncanny Valley Expo judge) Clive Thompson speaking on Tringo, and myself speaking on private detectives, the 2003 tax revolt, and the war of the Jessie Wall, among many other topics.  Online world economist Ed Castonova and groundbreaking game designer Jane McGonigal also appear with incisive thoughts of their own.

"And if you were elected President," Peabody Award-winning Brooke journalist inquires of the former Governor of Virginia, "would you have jurisdiction over Second Life?"  At some point very soon, the fact that a serious reporter would half-seriously ask that question of a quite serious political figure will no longer seem quite so surreal.  As will Governor Mark Warner's chuckling reply, in which he ponders the tension between "elected, embodied candidate", and the "virtual candidate". (At times, he muses, "they might have policy differences.")

The SL segments of the 9/22 episode begin at about 34 minutes in.  Stream the episode here; download the episode here; subscribe to the "On the Media" podcast here.


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thanks for the heads up.... downloading now.

Dan Walter

Just heard that show. the Gov. presented himself very well.


That's Castronova, not Castonova.


Awesome radio show. Everyone on it was great! Between that radio piece and the WIRED spread this month, we're getting lots of nice publicity.

Dolus Naumova

Great bit in Wired, Hammy. I'm a bit disappointed there was nothing about the Teen Grid, but there never is.

Hamlet Au

Thanks! Far as the Teen Grid, if the teens want it mentioned more, then the teens gotta blog about it more!

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