Friday, October 06, 2006


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Melissa Yeuxdoux

Perhaps the approach suggested in Dean Ing's book _Soft Targets_ would work, i.e. mocking the griefers.


From the Internet's point of view, that's just as bad. *Any* reference, however its bent, will be found by the search engines and just all glommed together.

The question then becomes, what can you do after the fact that helps the public but does not help the perpretrators?

As someone who's dealt with system security - including password policies - I'm contemplaying an article or two that expands beyond what I've seen in SL's security reminder in its newsletter. That's just the basic stuff; The harder stuff can be easy too, just need to learn now.

Of course, it's not just for the benefit of SL's readers; Other online environments (Uru Live ;-) can take advantage of this too.



I guess I'm not supposed to post a comment to a story about not covering the grid attackers. oh, poo.

bryan campen

Or like streakers at a baseball game: better just to turn the cameras away. Listen to this week's OTM.

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