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Vyrnox Ming typed in 13 command lines the other day, and the world changed.  "I'm not counting the flicker function I made up," he amends, "but if I did, that'd be a whole 16."  To be specific, a flock of multi-colored prims emerged from a nearby sphere, and within seconds, had whipped past us in all directions, flattening out and shifting in place, until they'd formed a giant cube.  (Video here.) 

And the thing of it was, none of this involved Second Life's build interface, because those 13 commands brought in data from the Web, and that's what did the work.  Vyrnox calls this program Chisel, and he used it to create the cube's properties off-world, via the Web-- then at will, imported the data that into SL, where it rezzed immediately.


"I use llHTTP to connect to an external site, which speaks Chisel commands," he explains. He hasn't created any more building demos, so it'll take others to prove Chisel's ability to create more complex objects.  "I've been focusing on the software so much I haven't-- but since I released a beta, I'm hoping folks will.  Also, I'm the only person that's familiar enough with how it works to have written a Web backend to store exports.  But I'll release the code on how to do that, too." 


The kind of applications that can be created from this are limitless, but he mentions one that piques me in particular: a Second Life version of Rogue/Nethack, with random dungeons generated on the Web and instantiated in-world, ready for adventure.

Music, as always, by Torley, taken from his 230 track library-- in this video, "LeviOsa".  As it happens, Torley was also the one who send me to see Vyrnox Ming's Chisel.

Update, 11/10: Added screens of Vyrnox.


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Alastair Chamerberlin



That is just cool. :D


Anybody else start thinking holodeck?

SignpostMarv Martin

Or you could do something along the lines of Destroy Television, and play a game of NetHack in-world via the web. (and possibly do so in-world via the web via the client)

Nobody Fugazi

but... where can I find Chisel?

Hamlet Au

IM Vyrnox Ming.


I'm happy this turned out well and that you got to personally experience Chisel for yourself, Jamlet! :)

Recently, I went on a tour of the southern (Korean) continent thanx to Vyrnox. I can't wait until physics are added to the generated "vehicles" so the ride will be smoother. Since one of the earliest aims Vyrnox stated to me about Chisel is to provide automatic tours, this would be ideal for capturing YUGE swathes of terrain in the eyes of my camera.

At times, I was thinking Chisel prim dynamics would make some awesome machinima effects, or even something scary akin to the scifi movie Cube (I seem to recall Seifert Surface was working on that with some others awhile back?). But to see buildings rearrange themselves on the fly is rather mesmerizing and tasty indeed.

Vyrnox Ming (used in the video)

We're working on the pmover (physics mover) agent and a few other nice features that we hope to have out soon. Documentation and help still need quite a bit of work. If you have questions, join the chisel group in SL and ask away.

A friend had suggested using distributed hash tables as a node communication method, and I think I'm going to work on that for an upcoming release. An example being that we'd rez a mesh of nodes and ask them, collectively, "What are the prime numbers between 1 and 10,000?" and they'd communicate amongst themselves to break the problem down and solve it in pieces. While they're working on a problem, they could change colors, or grow in size as they run out of memory. A good communication protocol like that would be pretty useful in Machinimas and a variety of other situations. :)

A compelling feature of Chisel, as SignpostMarv touched on, is that it can leverage the power of other languages in Second Life. So you could actually play Nethack from the web in Second Life, or load up a scene for a Machinima and set the camera views for different people, etc.

Right now I'm working on a way to enable residents to create their own tours via the web (or in world as they walk around), that they can share with others in world.

Zeen Whitfield

Is there a way to get it on the Teen Grid?


Hey everyone! I just joined Second Life yesterday. I`m a 3D animatir and graphics designer and I heard I can upload my 3D models to Second Life using Chisel but I hav no clue on how to get started or where to get/ download the software (and I can`t really find instructions on how to use it as I`m not familiar with SL scripting yet...) Can someone please help point me in the right direction on this? Also, which 3D model formats are acceptable for SL? I have a LOT of content I want to add!


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