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Since Hursley is still a private island closed to the general public, and a project financed in conjunction with IBM's UK office, this World from My Window entry from epredator Potato (pictured above in Predator-esque garb) also qualifies as a Mixed Reality Monday entry:

"My fellow eightbar colleagues and I use it as a sandbox and test bed for all sorts of things," Potato explains.  "I am actually viewing Hursley from my other sim, IQ, where we’re doing a more structured build. You can see the start of Yossarian Seattle's (of translator fame) build of Hursley House. We started with just a photo, and now we have the real virtual thing...

"I remember when all this was fields. We had only a few people in the eightbar group. We were learning about scale and about interfaces to the outside world so many of the things we small. I decided to purchase the log cabin as a wooden clubhouse (by Tyra Valkyrie), [then] the builds started to get a bit bigger. We showed more people and, yes, more things started to grow.

"I also remember that I managed, when the sim was lightly built to cause a great earthquake, a slight error on my part uploading a texture .raw file. Objects shot up in the air and went off sim and got returned as the land fractured and huge mountainous spikes and deep troughs carved the place up. I put it back, but for some objects it was just too late.

"Just before I went away on holiday, I bought Predator towers (by Seigmancer Nino)-- it's the now much shorter office block, center back. That seemed to create an explosion in height and scale for everyone. The place started to fill up, people exploring height like Hammy Takakura's huge blue tower, jam-packed full of things too. Andy Remblai's super yacht with a dive wreck underneath it, over on the left.

"The sim is maxed out, people are now learning how to build efficiently, use textures etc. It is still free to everyone in eigthbar.  I invested my own money in the sim(s) to get things going, people have started to offer to pay, but that then gets complicated, retro-fitting a taxation system. So I am just happy that so many are seeing the potential and getting involved.

"So whenever I look at Hursley, I have a mental rush of memories of how we have ended up with this many people joining eightbar, both building here and out in the world. It was very much a build it and they will come.

"Its only been 8 months for me, but it seems like so much has happened with so many collegues joining us, or us joining them for the ones that have been in much longer. So I look at the view from my window, wearing my Sythia Veil Predator kit and my custom leather jacket (which is all my own work) I see both history and the future at the same time.

"As with these statements are my own and don't necessarily represent IBM's positions, strategies or opinions."


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