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Larry and Joi jigging it up at a January CC fundraiser

Celebrate four years of Creative Commons with Jimmy Wales, Joi Ito, and Larry Lessig in Second Life!

Last week it was the place where Judge Posner held court (so to speak) and this Friday night, it'll be the grounds for a swinging party, with a live DJ and featuring three grand masters of the Free Culture movement:  Wikipedia originator Jimmy Wales, Internet guru and hardcore World of Warcraft fan Joi Ito, and Stanford professor and CC founder Lawrence Lessig, all of whom will appear in avatar form. 

What: Creative Commons Turns Four!
When: Friday, December 15, 2006, 9pm-11pm
Where: The island of Kula (direct teleport here)

The party is actually a celebration of CC's 4th year in business, and along with Second Life, it's going to be held in San Francisco, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Portugal, and New York City.  If you can make any of those, see this Creative Commons listing, for details on getting an invite

There's rumors of some surprises in store for the Second Life version, but for now, consider this a chance to party with an international group passionate about free culture, including three of its top minds.  This holiday season, think of it as your chance to bring-- OK, I'll say it-- Joi to the world.

More info and disclosures after the break.

From the Creative Commons site:

Come celebrate with Larry Lessig, Creative Commons’ CEO, Jimmy Wales and Joi Ito to take part in this virtual birthday bash.  We will be streaming San Francisco’s live festivities into Second Life. Teleport directly to our land at 9-10pm PST on Kula Island to see the live stream, listen to music, and chat with a few of our favorite progressive thinkers and free culture fans.

Full details here.

Disclosure:  I'm a proud part-time consultant for Creative Commons.  And on Friday night, I'll be the foolishly dancing, over-imbibing one.  (Excessive dancing or imbibing do not necessarily reflect the views of Creative Commons staff or management.)


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