Friday, December 15, 2006

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WarKirby Magojiro sends not just a single image, but an epic tribute to his home:

"I live in Bliss Gardens natural park. It is a huge seven sim nature reserve, built and owned entirely by Master Landscaper, Luna Bliss. 


"It is a sprawling and magnificent maze of mountains, waterfalls and ocean. I originally found this place through a friend, who developed the guided toursystem that is in so many nice places now.  Two of my friends rented a nice property there. I kinda fell in love with the place, spending so much time here with friends, and also bringing dates here. Eventually, I decided to get a house of my own. The very first place I can call home.

"The sim is mostly natural beauty, but there are houses dotted around. Two main types of residence can be found. The tree houses are beautiful, wooden homes high in the branches of giant trees. I actually got one of these at first. The highest one in the whole place, no less. After only a few days though, I decided I needed more space, and Luna was happy to upgrade me to a waterfall home. These are spacious three story apartments, partially underground, and hidden inside cliffs, behind waterfalls. From the outside, they are totally invisible, and do not spoil the natural beauty of the place at all. But because the vast windows are one way, the residents can still get a clear view of outside. Only in Second Life would the miracle of a window that is clear on one side, and solid rock on the other, be possible:


"It was coincidentally right at that time that I met my wonderful lady, Sirrena. We've moved in together and set up a nice home. When we ran out of prims while constructing our 'playroom', Luna was quite happy to increase my prim limit. I wish all landlords were so great. We have huge, full-length portraits of ourselves above the fireplace.


"Sometimes a little vanity is nice.

"Our home is in the Futureperfect sim. The nicest one, in my opinion. Most notably, it's greener than the others, and is basically a caldera with a beautiful lake in the center.


"There's also a little hidden valley, which contains a nice concert venue. Live music events are held here about twice a week, among the autumn leaves and falling rose blossoms. The music is generally of a relaxing nature, with the sounds of Jaynine Scarborough being my personal favourite. Although concerts are free and open to all, by the very nature of it, many of the audience are residents of the Bliss Gardens community, so it's a nice place to go out in public and meet your neighbours.


"Although the Futureperfect sim is an enclosed lake, the rest of the sims are comprised of a beautiful archipelago of islands, with plenty of water. It's a great place to just come and sail. There's even a nice little dock. It also has a helipad to park your plane, and from the air is a great way to explore.


"High above the park, on a sky platform so high up that it is not visible from the ground, there is a sprawling garden center, where you can take a piece of Luna’s amazing work home with you. The telehub is up there, so when you enter the sim, look for the sign that says down to the gardens, and use it to teleport to the nature area.

"I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about my little place. If you would like to visit for yourself, just type 'Futureperfect' into the map, and use the teleporter in the nature area when you arrive. I would highly recommend checking out the whole area, maybe sail around the waterways a bit."

And where in the world do you live?  Take a look at the entire Window series for inspiration, read the details for submitting to NWN's World From My Window series, then send me a screenshot or video link of your SL home or favorite haunt.


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WarKirby Magojiro

THanks for publishing it, Hamlet. Although, shouldn't it be 'IN Bliss Gardens' not 'of Bliss Gardens'.

Then again, maybe I accidentally wrote it that way. Either way, do you think you could do that tiny alteration?

Thanks ^_^


Hamlet Au

I thought "of" fit the setting better, like *Anne of Green Gables*.

Young Geoffrion

One of the most beautiful places in the World! I visit often, and bring new friends with me.

WarKirby Magojiro

I've never noticed you there, Young. Maybe because we stay at home most of the time.

See if you can find our house. It has the number 15 above the doorway


Kalvin Kong

Why give publicity to Warkirby? The only interaction I had with him left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I purchased a product with him, it was not what exactly what I had expected. But I was fine with that.

A few months later, I get this group notice... "so and so product (Warkirby's) won't work because of Havoc 4". OK, I thought, well I understand that. Then in the next few days or so, I get another group notice that basically said, "good news, we at MagoTech (Warkirby's company) have made over a million Lindens." Now I'm pissed. Instead of sending out a smug self-congratulatory note to his customers who were just informed a few days ago that the product bought by their hard-earned Lindens was now going to be useless, maybe he should have sent one telling us he was working on a fix for when Havoc 4 is implemented.

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