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Friday, December 15, 2006


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WarKirby Magojiro

THanks for publishing it, Hamlet. Although, shouldn't it be 'IN Bliss Gardens' not 'of Bliss Gardens'.

Then again, maybe I accidentally wrote it that way. Either way, do you think you could do that tiny alteration?

Thanks ^_^


Hamlet Au

I thought "of" fit the setting better, like *Anne of Green Gables*.

Young Geoffrion

One of the most beautiful places in the World! I visit often, and bring new friends with me.

WarKirby Magojiro

I've never noticed you there, Young. Maybe because we stay at home most of the time.

See if you can find our house. It has the number 15 above the doorway


Kalvin Kong

Why give publicity to Warkirby? The only interaction I had with him left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I purchased a product with him, it was not what exactly what I had expected. But I was fine with that.

A few months later, I get this group notice... "so and so product (Warkirby's) won't work because of Havoc 4". OK, I thought, well I understand that. Then in the next few days or so, I get another group notice that basically said, "good news, we at MagoTech (Warkirby's company) have made over a million Lindens." Now I'm pissed. Instead of sending out a smug self-congratulatory note to his customers who were just informed a few days ago that the product bought by their hard-earned Lindens was now going to be useless, maybe he should have sent one telling us he was working on a fix for when Havoc 4 is implemented.

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