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Online world as new artist's medium.  I haven't had a chance to attend a performance designed by DanCoyote Antonelli, founder of a new school of metaverse-era art theory he calls hyperformalism, but Gary Hazlitt has.  See the movie Hazlitt shot at a recent showing of Antonelli's ZeroG SkyDancers (evocative, though it's clear you need to attend the show in-person, to get its full power), then read his detailed and thought-provoking write-up of the event and interview with Antonelli here. 


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Aenea Nori


It's truly criminal that you haven't been to one of these amazing shows. Between the lovely concept of the dancing prims manipulated by the graceful SkyDancers, as well as the beautiful soundtrack by my friend ZeroOne Paz, it is truly an experience unique to Second Life.

I was waiting for the video to show up on YouTube (so thanks for that), but I had previously posted photos and a description of the performance on my blog.

Aliasi Stonebender

Cool. I'm the one who built the stage for DanCoyote, but I hadn't got to see things in action yet. Great!

Gary Hayes

Not sure anyone will be reading these comments anymore but I had the opportunity to really capture the SkyDancers properly a few months ago - DanCoyote and others have said it more than captures the performance - a recent comment

"This is the most wonderful piece I have ever seen made using SL to make the artist's vision come to life in a way that simply cannot be done elsewhere in the same way just yet. My only regret is not being there. The music and performance blends together flawlessly, considering the nature of SL. I have seen it two times in a row now, and I just love it! Very moving, thank you very much for using SL to produce something like this."

See it here on YouTube (also higher rez posted on Internet Archive - search on "Dancing with Angels")

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