Thursday, February 15, 2007

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In an era of false "firsts", this may qualify as the true thing: a company using one online world to promote another one of their own.  The SL island of Myst Online was created to advertise a game of the same name.  As it happens, the history of the two worlds extends back several years.  Uru Live was the first attempt to create a multiplayer version of the cherished Myst games; when that world failed, and its citizens needed a new place to call home, Second Life was inundated with emigres.  Many sought to recreate something like Uru in SL; from them came an early game called The Mysterious Journey, and Numbukulla, an SL-based adventure game that thrives to this day.  One of Myst's original creators, it's worth pointing out, is no stranger to SL, which is perhaps why, when it came time to resurrect Myst in a new form, a portion of the world was brought here.   Though financed by the company behind Myst Online, the SL component was created by members of D'Ni, a group of Uru exiles.  They are fans given a chance to do their part promoting the world they left behind (now reborn with a slightly different name.)  What they've created is ornate, evocative, and lovingly detailed, with hints at puzzles and hidden places to explore.  (Ironically, the overall effect is somewhat marred by excessive advertising and web links to the official game, jutting up from the rocks and trees like 3D pop-up ads.)

This link is a direct portal to the island, though it probably won't grant you access until tomorrow, after the official opening.  Meantime, more images after the leap. 








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I saw the news of the resurrected Myst but hadn't thought they might use SL... though that does make sense. Thanks for connecting the dots.


Nice! When great galaxies collide. :D

One thing I admire so much about Myst Online Uru (those of you "back in the day" will recall it was birthed from the loins Telador Island) is the gorgeous texturing. There's a lot of beauty that went into that which could be applied elsewhere in Second Life on a fantastic scale.

I once mused if the classic Myst Island could be brought into SL. I think aDen Ennui had some mad ideas about that.

Uru-in-SL looks gorgeous with local lighting too:

(This is an old picture from T.I., but illustrates the same principle — those platforms are like oysters!)

Giff / Forseti

nice Hamlet, I look forward to checking this out.

I think cross world activities will get quite common. I've always loved Joi Ito's example of prepping for WoW raids in SL, and of course visitors to the Laguna Beach sim in SL can learn how to get to MTV's Virtual Laguna Beach (which is on the Makena/There platform). If we see a proliferation of virtual worlds, and I think we will, these embassies will become more interesting, and hopefully the bridges between worlds richer and richer.

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