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Friday, October 05, 2007


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Veyron Supercharge

The report had obviously used up it's 12 minutes of fame....

Patchouli Woollahra

I gotta say, I thought that 12-minute-per-month figure was really understating our use of SL.

To be honest though, most fields of study still have issues reading blogs and taking them as academic evidence. Anyone can publish anything for better and for worse.

Thank god my field of study has less qualms about using such resources. xD

Dirk Singer

Unfortunately it's too late for some - I've already seen the Yankee Groups 12 minutes reported as gospel on a number of websites, and obviously this will live on via Google whenever someone is looking for a "reputable" source to provide evidence on the perceived shortcomings of virtual worlds like SL.

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Ingenuity, ignorance, incompetence — or malice?

Isn't Yankee Group simply going the way of Chris Anderson — using their reputation in order to leverage a point they wish to make?

I know it's bad form, but if Linden Lab ever had a reason to sue anyone (they're far too nice to do it, though), this would be it. Alas, LL's own Ginsu opted for sarcasm instead.

Don't you guys get this nagging feeling that Second Life snowballed to a point that the "establishment" cannot dismiss it any longer — Second Life's impact being too huge to be ignored — and that at this stage the whole market is asking themselves the question: "what are we going to do about a tiny start-up that might have 100 million users in 2010?"

The ones that refused to be early adopters of Second Life seem now to be fearing for their jobs — for having been unable to predict what SL might become. Raph Koster's own Metaplace is a good example — "I'm the MMORPG genius, I know what people want, LL's clueless, they should have listened to me, but I'll show the world what people like me can do about a virtual world". Doesn't it simply sound as "I've missed the train on this one, but I'll derail it and promote myself as the next best thing?"

I'm seeing this coming from more and more sources every day. It started small — ie. from the small-scale companies and groups — and is now gathering attention from the top tier of the establishment. One of these days we'll have Bill Gates announcing on the success of their own experiments in Second Life, since Microsoft's marketing and PR departments will ask him to give a clear message to the world on how Microsoft's using SL. Then Steve Jobs, whom we know to dislike SL, will give one of his famous keynote speeches from inside SL — not to tell how Apple is going to use SL, but something more softer like: "Apple is commited to improving its hardware and OS in order to give SL users the best possible virtual world experience, since it's the environment with the largest percentage of Apple users" (estimated: 30%, compared to Apple's worldwire share of around 4.5%)

What will the world's media report then?

Patchouli Woollahra

Unfortunately it's too late for some - I've already seen the Yankee Groups 12 minutes reported as gospel on a number of websites, and obviously this will live on via Google whenever someone is looking for a "reputable" source to provide evidence on the perceived shortcomings of virtual worlds like SL.

The lie is halfway around the world before the truth has its boots on, goes the old saying sadly.

Hamlet Au

The Lindens deserve some blame in not responding sooner, however. This report was out on Monday, and finally saying something publicly on Friday is ages in news cycle time.

Hamlet Au

Sharp comments as always, Gwyn. I do somewhat disagree with you about Raph Koster; Raph has always been a supporter of SL, easily the biggest advocate among leading folks from the old school game industry, as a phenomenon developers need to learn from. His main objection, it seems to me, is against Philip's idea that there should be a one world metaverse utopia as the goal. But that's a reasonable objection.


I'd love mobile MMO - and I've thought about it alot - but you can't stream an MMO to a handheld yet. It takes more memory than those little things have.

Either you end up with a tiny viewport that sees little and does nothing or you have a dedicated server encoding the stream - one server per user.

It just doesn't work.

Handhelds sacrifice size, processing power, memory, and interface to be handheld. SL sacrifices speed and freedom of movement to stream the MMO to you - and then relies on the client to have enough processing power to unfold the data.

It's like... At one point in time it wasn't possible for computers to decode/encode mpeg on the fly. We had Modules, wavs, mp3s, then mpeg movies, then flash, bigger movies, and now an MMO - each requires geometrically more processing power on the part of the client.

Of course, if someone else would like to dabble in it, I'm sure someone will listen.

...Which is really the big benefit of the blogosphere, eh?

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