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Thursday, December 27, 2007


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Hi Hamlet. I've completed the "Tag" you gave me to post 8 Random Things about me, and I forwarded it to eight others. Hugs-

Tateru Nino

Hmm. Caps were *implemented* but I don't believe they were ever used. Linden Lab said they'd post an announcement if they ever had cause to turn the cap on. This apparently did not take place.

Hamlet Au

During peak periods, you're often given a log-in wait time-- I'd say that also qualifies as a cap.

Dedric Mauriac

RE: SL is ported to a next gen game console.

Um ... Can't you run SL on the linux partition of PS3?

rockwell ginsbErg

glad that my prediction didn't exactly come true. i don't want to pay the irs anymore of my hard earned money! happy new year hamlet!


Debian I believe has SL available for download via apt-get, though not directly part of a distro CD/DVD (obviously, its too much of a moving target for that).




Benjamin Duranske

I think it is actually pretty well accepted that income made in virtual worlds is taxable -- at least when it is withdrawn as dollars. The big question for most tax experts is whether it is taxable before it is withdrawn as "real" money.

Hamlet Au

Yeah, I'd wondered about that prediction's phrasing-- I think it's meant to be when the IRS explicitly says L$ income is taxable, just as they say about contest winnings, casino payouts, and other non-standard forms of income listed in our 1040s.

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