Thursday, December 20, 2007

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Second Life Events: Rik's Picks for December 20-23

Rik Riel's weekly round-up of upcoming SL events...

I know that it isn't very fair of me to profile a concert that is only allowing twenty avatars to attend, but this is too cool for me NOT to mention. On Friday, December 21, at 11AM PST, alt-folk musician Grace McDunnough performs a special engagement of her show "Musimmersion" that was reported on by this site last month. Click the image to watch a video clip of her show, which uses scripted environments synched to her lyrics that enhance the audience's experience of her music. The concert is unfortunately limited to 20 avatars to reduce lag during Grace's show.  So pre-register fast with Fandango Milena if you want to attend. After the show, Grace will talk about her motivations and inspirations, and take questions from the audience. Part of the Orange Arts Festival at Orange 1 (click here to teleport.)

Also Coming Up This Week: A femdom charity bazaar, Elizabethan Christmas rituals, Tim Wu talks about keeping the net neutral, electronica in the redzone, a circle of playwrights, Uruguayan jazz, meditating your cares away, and of course several holiday parties.  All those festivities and more after the jump...

(All listings in SLT, i.e. Pacific Standard Time)

December 20-23 - The 2nd Annual FemDom Community Charity Bazaar
The FemDom Community is holding a Charity Bazaar to give back to those less fortunate and have some fun from December 20 to 23 at Eunhaeng (click here to teleport.) On December 23, at 2PM, there will be a Winter Wonderland Fashion Show, showcasing the work of Dante's Designs, midieval fashions, and Ambergris Gothic Fashions.

Thursday, December 20

4PM - Create Your Own Personalized Christmas Card
Instructor Reno Katscher teaches a quick class where you will learn how to make your own personalized Christmas card. Cute and easy, this is a beginner level class for those with little or no experience in prims, scripting or texturing. At Technical User Interfacing (click here to teleport.)


5PM - Food Island Christmas Party
Head to Food Island for a Christmas party, featuring a full holiday dinner table with delicious foods plus real life recipes. Every attendee gets a free goodie bag with special recipe and a free Santa avatar! Plus DJ Nexeus Fatale will be rockin the house. At Food (click here to teleport.)

6PM - Chat with Dr Tim Wu and Matt Stoler on Net Neutrality
Dr Tim Wu, internet expert and professor at Columbia Law School, and Matt Stoller of will be featured at the Virtually Speaking studios to speak about net neutrality and the telecommunication industry. At InWorld Studios (Click here to teleport.)

* * *

Friday, December 21

12PM - Intro to Scripting
Learn the basics of floating text, changing color, and rotation for use in creation of simple interactive exhibits. This class is intended for people who are brand-new to scripting. At The Tech (click here to teleport.)

12PM - Elizabethan Winter Customs
Elizabethan times saw the celebration of the seasons in controversy, with the reigning Protestants wary of dancing, excess and lewdness. Despite this, Christmas was one of the two most festive times of the year. Rosmairta Kilarta will discuss the seasonal customs of winter from Christmas, St. Stephen's Day, St John's Day, New Year's Eve and Day and Twelfth Night through Plough Monday. At Renaissance Island (click here to teleport.)


4PM - Live Electronica in The Church of The Divine Engineer
Redzone bring their unique brand of dark/ambient/classical/electronica and visuals to the Church of the Divine Engineer in the city of Nexus Prime, at Gibson (click here to teleport.)

* * *
Saturday, December 22

9AM - Using Graphics Templates for Clothing Creation
Sunita Beck teaches an intermediate level class on designing clothing using avatar UV maps. Students will need graphics editing software which is capable of opening PhotoShop documents and saving to the Targa file format with alpha transparency. SL clothing design templates available online. At Nova Civis Caledon (click here to teleport.)

2PM - Playwright Reading Circle / Workshop
"Playwrights Online" is a reading circle and workshop that meets every Saturday at 2pm PST to readsoriginal plays via voice chat. Come to listen, read and contribute your play. At Sliterary (click here to teleport.)

2PM - Depo Christmas Party
There will be ice skating, dancing, presents and Kyle Beltran performing jazz and blues from 2-4M at the Gala Christmas Party at the Depo Business Park at Depo 5 (click here to teleport).

3PM - Class on Dealing with Griefers
Come learn about griefing, what it is and what you can do when you encounter it.  At Zugspitze (click here to teleport.)

* * *
Sunday , December 23

5PM - Intro to Jewelry Making
Princessia Petunia teaches an informative  class on how to make your own jewelry. To attend head to Bliss Gardens (click here to teleport) and jump in the hole by the large waterfall in the center to the Events/Concert area and follow your red map arrow.


7PM - Buddhist Meditation Group
Holidays have you frazzled? Head to this buddhist meditation discussion group to learn about this ancient practice and then meditate together.  At the Sky Sangha at Toowoomba (click here to teleport.)

8PM - Ankari Holder in Concert
Ankari Holder is a jazz artist from Uruguay performing at the Sphynx Jazz Club at 2nd Avenue (click here to teleport.)

* * *

Join Rik's group on to stay up to date on what's happening in SL-- info on submitting event notices below.  Visit Rik's blog, Click Heard Round the World.


New World Notes often highlights events for the upcoming week. If you'd like an event to be considered, send the description and event link to Rik Riel via IM or e-mail him at

Main guidelines:

  1. Events for the coming week must be received by Monday Noon SLT.
  2. Events posted in SL's official listing board greatly preferred. 
  3. Events with artistic, cultural, scientific, political, creative, and/or educational value preferred.
  4. Events sponsored or promoted by real world corporations are usually not appropriate to NWN Events.  Instead, consider advertising your event on New World Notes.
  5. Bonus consideration given to game-related or machinima events, and for events with "I've never seen that in SL before" value.


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Patchouli Woollahra

I had the good fortune to attend the recent showing of Musimmersion you mentioned. To the morons who claim Second Life has nothing left worth looking at or building up, I kindly invite you to go die in a fire?

A coal fire.

With Ghosts in the Coal Deposit.

\thank you very much.

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