Thursday, January 17, 2008

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IBM Announces Last-Minute Tennis Fashion Contest with L$250,000 Grand Prize

Iris_plays_tennis Rik Riel just passed along this very, very, very late announcement from IBM's Second Life group, for an SL fashion contest to promote its sponsorship of the Australian Open, which is being broadcast on one of their islands.  (Direct teleport here.)

"Couture on the Court" is a search for the best tennis outfit in Second Life, with first prize (selected by Resident vote) being a quarter million Linden Dollars.  (About $927 at current exchange rates.) 

The catch?  The deadline is this Sunday at Midnight, Eastern Australia time, and you have to go to their island to submit the form before then-- click this direct teleport SLURL to go there.

Pictured: NWN Style Correspondent Iris Ophelia models "Love All" by Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot of Tête à Pied at the CoMeta Sporting Centre.


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Harper Ganesvoort

Okay, Eastern Australia Time? We operate on SLT -- Pacific Time -- not EAT. Doesn't IBM realize this? Nice prize, but if they want participation, the notice shouldn't be so stale, and they should conform to the customs of the Grid.

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