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Monday, April 28, 2008


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nic mitham

Thanks for the article. Somewhat ironic that a MDC that relied heavily on SL in 2007 is suggesting campaigns perform better in other worlds. Easy to say in hindsight for them of course.

On a different note, wouldn't it be interesting to see all of the agencies (http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2008/04/metaverse-busin.html) release some metrics from their own campaigns. Fair play to ECS in this respect.

Then we would see how good these numbers really are.


The light-skinned woman with the flowing blonde hair would like you to buy some hair dye.But a closer look at the advertisement for the cosmetics giant L'Oréal reveals that all is not well with the face of its campaign. It appears that L'Oréal has caused not just her hair but her skin to change colour.


opinion leader

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