Friday, June 27, 2008

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Travel Second Life In Dr. Who's TARDIS

Tardisrezzing1 Noelyci of Ingman Design Group has the goods on a credible recreation of the time/location machine from the venerable Dr. Who TV series, created and sold by Snook Industries.  To judge by its gloriously epic Wikipedia entry, Snook's version of the expansive and bejeweled interior is quite true to the show, too. It's not just a physical recreation, though-- with a little effort, you can actually use it as a teleport point to travel the SL grid.   (And I do mean effort: Noelyci points to some demo videos, and the step-by-step process for setting destination points seems as complicated as, well, a Dr. Who plot.)


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Katharine Berry

It's worth noting that it hasn't looked like it does in that picture for about ten/twenty years or so. >.>

Katharine Berry

...although the outside has only looked like that since last week.

Saffia Widdershins

There's an account of a rather special TARDIS in this month's Prim Perfect magazine (Page 50 in It's the Etheric Travelling Cabinet and not only is it our Readers' Home of the Month, it's also open to visitors via Prim Perfect's SL5B site at: (you enter the ETC to discover it really is larger on the inside!).

Noelyci Ingmann

Wow! Thanks for the Link, now I just wish even more that I'd designed it.

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