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Friday, June 20, 2008


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Two Worlds

I'm glad people are finally getting the clue, that Second Life doesn't have to be "ALL MALLS, ALL THE TIME". There's got to be a better way of making money in the virtual world that sticking up stores and malls in every single sim, like the gift shop from hell.

Ax Mavendorf

If you are looking for cyberpunk, this is the place for you. Hands down THE best place in SL both for Cyberpunk and just to come see. The painstaking detail and heartfelt design are both amazing and breathtaking. There is no other place that is in the same league and I guarantee you , if you are a Sci-Fi/Cyber punk fan like me, this will become your new home INSTANTLY!

May you never flatline !

Two Worlds

I miss Nexus Prime :(

Sophrosyne Stenvaag

Gorgeous sim, great assortment of stores, really nice people.

Lighting, soundscapes, scripts, building - all work together for a powerful effect.

Uccello Poultry

Insilico is one of the most fabulous builds i've seen in the Second Life™ world. I've had the great fortune to watch some of it being built and given a personal tour by Skills & Cinndreia. So few places combine style and precision like Insilico. This is really art.

Chance Haefnir

After three days of exploring SL, I have, as Ax Mavendorf predicted, found my new home!
I've seen so many big Hollywood Sci-Fi productions that didn't look this detailed — not even Blade Runner or Akira!
William Gibson would be SO proud!

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