Thursday, July 31, 2008

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New World Newsfeed: UK PM Gordon Brown Gives Second Life's Wheelies Founder "Revolutionary" Award

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This is awesome news on several fronts:  Last week one of the British government's Catalyst (for Community Awards for Social Technology) Awards went to Simon Stevens (known as Simon Walsh in SL), naming him a "Revolutionary" for founding Wheelies, a major disability-themed nightclub in Second Life.  (Walsh himself has cerebal palsy.)

"The winners of the awards," reports the Beeb, "were presented with their trophies by UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown."  This is almost certainly the most prominent public recognition by a top world leader to a Second Life Resident thus far-- and an eminently deserved one.  Read more on Simon's blog, or perhaps better yet, offer congrats in SL-- direct SLURL teleport to Wheelies at this link.

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Watch out who you call a top world leader - I don't think Brown will make it to September.

Nevertheless, he *is* the PM of the UK and that *is* a great achievement for Walsh, and for the Metaverse.
We can only hope that LL won't accidentally delete or censor something, this time.

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