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Friday, July 25, 2008


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Princess Ivory

The other big "what ever happened to" flop is age verification. What ever happened with that? Basically we all refused to verify. End of story.

Princess Ivory


That SL Brand guy seems to be overreacting a little. The letter that LL sent out was pretty mild for a cease and desist letter.

Harper Ganesvoort

It's something to keep in mind, if nothing else. Once they finally clarified most of what they wanted (there's still a few hazy spots), it was simplicity to jig the top end of my blog to comply. I would go along with Kit's analysis that they might be overreaching somewhat on their Terms of Service requirement, but I have the registered mark on the blog as a courtesy, if nothing else.

FlipperPA Peregrine

I've changed most of my sites over... SLTrivia.com is now GogomodoTrivia.com, SLGuide.com is becoming VWMedia.net; it was a pretty annoying process to try to maintain backwards compatibility.



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