Sunday, October 05, 2008

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How Is Second Life Like Burning Man? Rosedale Reflects

Courtesy of Linden Lab's Burning Life coordinator Katt Linden, here's an interview with company founder Philip Rosedale and Larry Harvey, who founded the original Burning Man.  (Though Harvey doesn't speak much in this segment.)  Philip reflects on Burning Man's role inspiring Second Life culture as a freeform creative community, expanding on some thoughts he shared for my book.

Of course Philip Rosedale's positive comparison is very true, though a more sober analogy is also worth noting: Getting to Burning Man typically requires hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and days of preparation, while getting the full Second Life experience still requires almost as much investment of time, money, and labor.  Linden Lab's challenge (indeed, their mission statement) is to make what Philip describes in this video available to far more people than the relatively small number who've already managed to pioneer a home in this desert of the unreal.

The interviewing cat, by the way, is CNET's Dan Terdiman.


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