Monday, October 06, 2008

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What A Second Life Resident Looks Like: Ms. Falken's Mixed Reality Profile Project


Recently, Belgian Second Life blogger Vint Falken issued blogged a challenge to fellow SL Residents who use Flickr to upload and share screenshots:  Get up from your computer, don't change your clothes or fix your appearance, take a photo of your real life self, and upload it to a Flickr group tagged "Spontaneously Me".  Here's the result, dozens of photos depicting Residents across a diverse spectrum of age and national origin, each photo suggesting a thumbnail narrative.  Unsurprisingly, when asked to reveal the person behind the avatar, respondents tend to be remarkably attractive.  Which would of course include Ms. Falken herself, here depicted in the top left corner, she of the hip-geek muscle T and the mane of flame-red hair.  But was that gentleman a couple rows above her really logged into SL while sunbathing at a creek in the nude?  (And do I actually want to know?) Image credit:

Update, 9:39am:  In Comments, Vint credits the "Spontaneously Me" idea to Nebulosus Severine, and notes that ColeMarie Soleil, Rob Danton, Kean Kelly, and others help maintain its Flickr stream.


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vint falken

Credits: Flickr 'spontaneously me' idea originally launched by Nebulosus Severine (as far as I know). Maintainers of the group are amongst others ColeMarie, Rob Danton, Kean Kelly, ... .

Gahum Riptide

This meme has actually been making the rounds everywhere. Friends of mine did this a couple of weeks ago on their live journals.

Nebulosus Severine

Yes, Gahum is correct. I first read about it in my friend Vady's Livejournal. I can't take credit for the original idea; yet somehow, my uploading a pic to Flickr started a ton of other SL Flickr members to participate, too. Hehe.

ColeMarie Soleil

I didn't do it.

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