Monday, November 17, 2008

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Will Immersive Workspaces Work? Rivers Makes The Case

Immersive_workspacesDusan Writer has a long and info-rich interview with Justin Bovington of UK development studio Rivers Run Red, which recently partnered with Linden Lab to provide "Immersive Workspaces" for enterprise use.  Known as Fizik Baskville in SL, and someone I've known through Second Life since early 2004, Justin argues for their usefulness in today's fallow corporate climate, where executives are looking to save money on travel costs.  Here's an interesting example he gives:

"[O]ne of my classic stories is the guy who turned around and said I found out that I was going to be on the same problem as the guy was three floors below us [IRL], and by combining our efforts through the virtual space, by meeting there, we actually saved x amount of time and problems."

Be sure to scroll down to read the post's comments, which include Justin in dialog with Wikitecture co-creator Keystone Bouchard and Rezzable CEO (and NWN partner) Rightasrain Rimbaud, who have some questions about how this might work, and how Linden Lab implemented it.


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Doubledown Tandino

I say YES! Proper funding + proper support + proper backing + proper connections + an excellent product + an excellent marketing campaign = success.

.... oh, remind me what's the product again? Offices with a RRR and LL seal of approval on them? I dunno, i havnt read much into their product/service, cause its not my field...

but I say YES, anything can and does work in SL when everything is in place for it to work.

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