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Friday, December 19, 2008


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Loraan Fierrens

What's this? SecondLife bloggers are critical of something that Linden Lab is doing? I don't believe it! I won't believe it! Stop trying to pull my leg, man.

I didn't get to play with the new homepage; but from the graphic I've seen, I'll say that I'm cautiously positive. I don't know that it will make any real difference, but I do think it's a pretty bold departure. I actually like the virtual photo album aspect, by the way: I think it is actually reflective of the character of SecondLife. There are a wide variety of places and experiences in SecondLife, and there really isn't a central point to the world. Having a sea of diverse images like this carries a bit of that feel with it.

Vlad Bjornson

I didn't get a chance to see that page, but from the snapshot it does look a little too much like a photo gallery page. A fresh look for the home page would be nice. It's been pretty much the same for a LONG time.

I think claiming that bloggers "nixed" the page is a bit far fetched, though. It was clearly stated on the LL blog that this was only a short test run. "In order to test the new design, we’ll be pushing this new page live for a few hours next week, so we can evaluate the impact to traffic."

Ann Otoole

There is always resistance to change. Some oldbies don't like it. So what?

This is about new customers/residents. And what will they think? Is it compelling and cool and state of the art pointing the way into the future? If not then they need to try a different appeal.

I have played with some pretty far out UIs in my time starting with this grapefruit sized thing called a trackball back in 1978. It was really neat to click little emitter icons on a screen and see what sort of gear they represented. But the most memorable memory I have of that system was watching one of the team members turn the trackball unit upside down and roll it around like a gigantic mouse.

Yea it was cool. Totally cool.

Whatever Linden lab lands on with this project Big Spaceship is doing it needs to be a class act blazing the way into the future. Everything about Second Life needs to be like that.

Doubledown Tandino

I've never had a problem with companies rolling out new websites briefly to see if they stick.

I don't see what the problem was for LL to drop in a new site, find out it wasn't all that, and just revert back.

Ciaran Laval

I haven't seen it live, I don't mind the look of it, although the woman with the huge boobs is rather alarming. However I'd like to see it live and see how long it takes to load. How inuitive it is and where the links take you.

The word "Create" should also be emblazoned on the page.

Asking for feedback on a webpage design was always asking for trouble.

Annyka Bekkers

A lot of people have criticised the choice of verbs on this page, particularly "flirt". But for one thing, you can see that there's another verb cut off at the bottom left, so its probably safe to assume that there are a bunch more verbs as you scroll and these are only a few of the things you can do in SL.

Secondly, I think its wrong to say that dancing, playing and flirting are any less a part of what makes Second Life special as creating, teaching, learning and all of the other "Very Important Stuff" that people love to promote. People come to SL to do all sorts of things and I think the page does a great job of illustrating that.

I'm happy that the verbs on this page are all mostly things that are *fun*. It seems like a long time since I've seen SL promoted as a fun place to be. I'm tired of all the utopian, metaverse, building-a-better-tomorrow, internet-of-the-future stuff. That's boring to me. It reminds me of school and things that build character.I'm not in SL to better the human condition. I'm here because its fun and its cool and its interesting, and I think those are pretty good things to promote.

Fancy Fembot

I agree with Radar. There is no central focal point and it's too busy. I don't want to have to click a bunch of times and hit the back button just to understand what's going on with the page.

Pavig Lok

We'll have to wait and see, but to me it looks like they've created a classic template "exciting interactive flash site" which will act as an attractive and exciting flashy intro for potential SL customers, and a pointless annoyance for existing and returning users.

Their approach appears to throw accessability out the window, which is a major consideration for a reasonable proportion of the SL audience, and locks them in to appealing to the particular demographic that they pitch at. If I was a business looking at that I'd assume it was a game. By listing activities such as "dance" and "shop" they're restricting rather than opening interest. Some will find it helps orient them, but for most it has a strong unconcious message. It is a bullet point list of things you can "do in SL" which will create comparisons with other virtual worlds.

It is common PR/comms strategy to break concepts down into bite size chunks like this, but it is also dangerous. All the areas they mention could equally be listed as properties of google lively, or pretty much half the virtual worlds out there. The differentiating factors in someone deciding that SL is the solution for them must be more interesting than dance, shop, build - which we can do on our playstations now.... (at least that's what the general public will think when they see it.)

So, a reasonable promo site design, but from the looks of it, unless it runs deep, a fairly poor front page (for reasons i'm sure others will deconstruct.)

If however this is conceived of as a working frontpage for the ongoing SL experience for residents, I'd go as far as to say it's terribly ill conceived. Here's hoping that's not the case and it's just a newbie point of entry or advertising layout.

Dusan Writer

Hamlet! You missed the BOTTOM of my post, where I said:

"A year or two from now, this strategy, which has its humble start in a home page that gives one glimpse of how much STUFF there is, by making the depth of this accessible through the metaphor of the photo, will enable Second Life to not only remain a leading virtual world, but to actually replace the Web itself, or many forms of it."

Of course, I had another post prior to that where I took a slightly different view. Call it gut reaction versus um a second thought.

But really...does anyone know http://cooliris.com/

Couldn't they have just bought a copy of this and called it a day?

QueenKellee Kuu

---It's a static image of an interactive flash page. so there's absolutely no way to tell if it's "good" or not, IMO.

---honestly, anything is better than the current offering. have you really looked at it lately? It's pretty meh.

---I do have some trust in a professional design studio, so I give them leeway to prove themselves, even if I'm slightly underwhelmed by the static image (again, see #1)

---All this means little if you are already a resident here unless you truly can start to imagine the intended audience. which is not us. I recently got hit with an IMVU pop-under in my browser and sort of started watching it (animated, flash) before closing it. It was effective at drawing parallels from RL to IMVU, but I would bet anyone who plays IMVU would say that it's totally not representative of what you do there/how things work exactly. But that's not the point. the point is to explain it to the audience, in a way that makes them understand. To make parallels from RL to this new virtual world stuff.

So what I'm saying here is: I will let the pro's work and watch the numbers.


The page doesn't have a central focal point and it looks like there is stull going on all over the place?

That sounds like SL to me. :)



Sorry that's "stuff" not stull.

Oh dear.

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