Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Where To Celebrate Obama's Inaugural In Second Life

Inaugural Ball_on Capitol HillClear Ink's Kiwini Oe and TROI Timtam test Capitol Hill dance floor 

At Noon today Eastern time (9am SLT), Barack Obama is sworn in as the United States' 44th President. Unsurprisingly, there's a number of parties and events being held in his honor and celebrating all this moment stands for. Here's a select number. If you know of others, please post details in Comments, and be sure to include the SLURL

8am - Late:  Starting in the morning, two islands affiliated with Netroots Nation in Second Life will live stream audio from the real world event, then continue on with live music and three balls well into the night.  Much more info here.  [Direct SLURL to Netroots Nation Island at this link], [Direct SLURL to Progessive Island at this link].

4-6pm SLT: The popular education/librarian site Info Island is letting their hair down with a ball DJed by Radio Riel-- more info here. [Direct SLURL at this link.] 

6-10pm SLT: Capitol Hill will play host to both a formal ball and informal party. An abstract recreation of the Washington DC landmark, Capitol Hill is owned and run by the metaverse developer Clear Ink, who're responsible for hosting the appearance of several real US politicians in SL: House Representatives Nancy Pelosi and George Miller, for example, and retired Republican leader Newt Gingrich (who came with hot babe bodyguards.) [Direct SLURL teleport to Capitol Hill at this link.] 

6:00pm SLT:  Gossip Girls Inaugural Ball: The official Second Life site of the hit TV show will hold a formal dance and a gown contest with a patriotic flavor; dress in red, white, and blue gowns.  Gossip Girl avatars will be in attendance to discuss topics such as tax policy and nuclear proliferation in North Korea. (Or not.)  [Direct SLURL teleport at this link.] 

Other events: 

Noon SLT: According to Brandy Rasmuson, the artists' creative space Ivy Falls will have fireworks and live music, including the acclaimed Cylindrian Rutabaga. [Clink this link to launch SL and directly teleport.] 

5pm SLT: Formal dress ball at Canterbury, with dancing, and a video screen telecasting events from Washington DC.  [Direct SLURL teleport at this link.]

7pm SLT: Inauguration fireworks at the Livingtree. [Direct SLURL teleport at this link.] 

7pm - 9pm SLT:  Black tie formal with live DJ Marjorie Dibou, NeoSoul, and spoken word poetry. "Ladies will be in their finest gowns & diamonds & furs will be the order of the night," reads the event announcement. "This will be THE social event for winter season, so get prepared."  [Direct SLURL teleport at this link.]


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