Saturday, April 18, 2009

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Weekend Machinima: Robotic Talk Show With SL Artists


Who wants to watch a machinima talkshow featuring a robot host with a synthesized voice chatting with Second Life artists and musicians? I know, who doesn't want to watch that?  Take a look at Talkbot TV, a fun new machinima series featuring well-known SL creators interviewed by a badass if neurotic robot named Aren Mandala. The first guest is acclaimed metaverse terraform artist Poid Mahovlich, with SL musicians Dizzy Banjo and KFH Pooraka to come. All this weirdness springs from the head of Michael Verdi, longtime vlogger and machinima maker (I did some work with him at Millions of Us), who promises an unfolding story along with the avatar celebrity interviews. Viewer warning: occasional salty language, Bill O'Reilly references.


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Arahan Claveau

That's a funny show, the interview with Poid was great.

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