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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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I'm glad to see they have a mac version of their software. The content import looks great. It'd be interesting to create something in SL and port it and see what happens.

Ari Blackthorne

There is another technology coming that will move entire regions with their content - wrote about it on my own blog this morning, but here's a direct link to the creator's article:


Good news is he is not releasing the source code.
I suspect this Meerkat viewer takes object permissions into account?

Tinsel  Silvera

Yes, they do take permissions into account. So far I've only been able to copy out builds created 100% by me. As for builds created from a combinations of builds involving my alt - no go. I'll either have to recreate them by one avi only or simply not copy them out. So yes, the process is much tighter than with Second Inventory.

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