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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


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Pappy Enoch

Oh my Gawd. Next them Federals will be a-comin' for my SL Moonshine! Thank'ee for the tip-off, Mistophur Au!

Gus, say it ain't so!

Crap Mariner

Oh good. There's proper warning labels on the gas canisters. Hate to have to write them up a ticket for that.

But... wait... where's the eyewash station? The fume hoods? The sign telling employees to wash their hands after using the restrooms?

And storing employee food in the chemical stockpile refrigerator? Oh, so WRONG. (Nice crayon drawings by their kids on it, though.)

*tsk* *tsk* *tsk* Someone's going to get cited by OHSA.


Doubledown Tandino

Anyone want to go over there with me and re-enact a scene from "Breaking Bad?"

Fine Caliber

See you in-world, Doubledown XD

Adric Antfarm

Have to be honest - the kid's room got to me.

We get weird about that in the Midwest since it's a daily thing here. Fires, deaths, etc. Being a chemist (shocker) takes more than a fifth grade education it seems.

I wrote a piece once advocating the mix of Second Life & meth production but I chickened out. The basic outline was sandboxes.

Instead of these people cooking up a batch in their home endangering their kids or neighbors, we give them an area in the middle of nowhere that is open to their craft. You know - like a sandbox. No police, no bother.

I was a little hammered that night.


..and the Fed can "simulate" themselves for free in all the sex clubs

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