Thursday, August 20, 2009

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FCC Returns (By Stream) to SL

Today at 10am SLT there's another FCC workshop being streamed into Second Life. As with the first one a few weeks ago, the session is devoted to studying the impact and important on broadband, particularly in education. More info and participation guidelines here. The FCC stream happens at Macarthur Island: Direct SLurl teleport at this link.


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Thanks, Ham. If you believe that America's youth deserve access to broadband internet as part of their education, please participate in this FCC Workshop. You can contribute via SL, webinar, Twitter and posting on a special web forum!

Ann Otoole

My hope is the government will step in and prevent the broadband service providers from taking all profit and capping bandwidth instead of using the profits to upgrade infrastructure.

Pretty much the broadband infrastructure needs to be managed like the electrical grid. But better. Maybe some level of fairness to people in rural areas instead of charging so much they are excluded.

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