Friday, September 11, 2009

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Remembering September 11 in Second Life

Mark Benelli at 911 MemorialMark Benelli, German firefighter in RL and SL, pays respects to his fallen New York brethren at the 9/11 Memorial

Apollo Manga has a good list of Second Life events memorializing 9/11, including a pointer to the reflecting pool pictured above. It's the creation of Liam Kanno (who I wrote about a couple years ago), in real life a New York ad executive who lived near Ground Zero, but after the terror attacks, joined a monastery and created the Second Life site, as part of his healing process. [SLurl teleport at this link]

Liam's memorial site is where I just met Mark Benelli, the firefighter featured above. He describes himself as a firefighter in real life, based in Germany. He doesn't know any brethren based in New York, but he wore his uniform and visited the memorial site, to pay tribute to their valor on that day. "I would have done the same," he tells me. "That's why I'm here... and because of all the other people."


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Adric Antfarm

One serious post and just one (until next year).

Thanks to all those around the world who mark this tragic anniversary so that we never forget. Those of us in America appreciate the outpouring of support. It was not just Americans who died and in a sad way this did bring nations together.

Thanks to the men and women of US and NATO forces standing guard. If you can't support the mission it doesn't mean you cannot support them.

Thanks to Hamlet for the article.

I'm going to go put my uniform on and pay my respects and I hope everyone does no matter the attire.

Back to jerk mode.

Adric Antfarm

And a personal thanks to the griefers who had their sad fun at a 9/11 memorial.

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