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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


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Jura Shepherd

I probably wouldn't use it much unless someone made me a Real LifeĀ® viewer with that feature.



Everyone can have their own environmental settings regardless of wither it's a permanent night sim or day sim.

visibly muting people would spare my graphics card as well.

altho it would be weird walking around in an empty world but if that how they want to view their world so be it.


Why would anyone want to mute anyone unless you want to be as ignorant as KirstenLee Cinquetti i suppose what a useless TOOL

Metacam Oh

Not too entirely useless, this could be very valuable in machinima. Also will removing avatars from view help with lag at all, anyone know?

Michelle Leckrone

I often used that feature it's very useful :p

Caliburn Susanto

Hmmm. Well my mute list is looonnnng (and that isn't ignorance it's getting the idiots - which abound online - out of my face; pardon me, user experience). However, the way it appears to me the avatar body is redered invisible, but of course the avatars are still there (and they can still see YOU, I'm assuming; yes? no?).

So my question is, why would you want to hide people who are moving around and need to be negotiated if you move? Unless you are including in your "mute" the right to go around crashing into everyone willy nilly.

Masami Kuramoto

A similar feature is available in the standard viewer as well:

Advanced --> Character --> Character Tests --> [x] Allow Select Avatar

Advanced --> Rendering --> [x] Hide Selected

Tools --> Select Tool --> Edit

Now you can hide anything, including avatars, just by clicking on it. Hold the Shift key while clicking, or click and drag a bounding box, to hide a group of objects/avatars. Take your screenshots or video, then close the Edit window to unhide all.

Mr Bacon

I want an avatar substitute feature. It'd be cool to be able to replace all the barbie doll avatars with big girls.

Far more realistic!

Alessia Kranfel

I would certainly use it! Nice feature! =)

I dunno about kirsten

Emerald has had this feature for a while, it's called "Derender" in the pie menu, and in Emerald it also works on objects.

Jeroentje Jansma

Great feature! Can it be made that it works two ways?

So I don't see the Avatar anymore after muting, and they also can't see me anymore?!




Arcadia Codesmith

It might be useful to have the option to render other avatars as clouds or Ruths by default to alleviate performance issues on crowded sims. Then you could choose to render specific individuals on a case-by-case basis (see the models at a fashion show but block the audience).

SpaceCase M

Another quick way to hide all avatars is by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-4


If the choice is to go shopping and have a world full of shouters, noobs running everywhere, jajaja, huashuashuahu, sexual harasser idiots and people babbling in open chat about what they did, like, do or not, AND a world totally empty where I have the choice to see and 'hear' (read) just my friends, holy cow, send this feature to me at any given time.

"Your world, Your Imagination". In MY world and MY imagination I prefer a place with my friends only. Thank you to whoever invents tools that allow us to make it so we'll have our well-deserved moments of fun online in the quietness of our homes and SLs, after a hard day at RL work where you saw all of the above.

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