Monday, October 19, 2009

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Mixed Reality Portrait: Rik Riel

Rik Riel mixed reality portrait

Here's the exceptionally flexible Rik Riel breakdancing in both realities -- his material self in Brooklyn, his avatar in Justice Commons. Rik blogs about both identities on his own blog, Rikomatic, and keeps track of non-profit activity in virtual worlds at (RSS both soon, son.) Unsurprisingly, you can often find Rik at non-profit/social good events in Second Life. Somewhat more surprisingly, you can sometimes find Rik in New York's Central Park, getting funky center stage for the female James Brown.

See the whole Mixed Reality Portrait series here. Want to send me your own Mixed Reality Portrait? Here's submission guidelines and suggestions.


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nice, Hamlet. I had forgotten I had sent that pic in! thanks for featuring it.

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