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Chestnut's Choices 2/4 - 2/10: Live Blues, Feminist Roundtable, SL-RL Tax Class, Frank Lloyd Wright Building Contest, Four Bridges Festival & Much More

Four Bridges Benefit for NWN_001
Chestnut Rau’s weekly round-up of upcoming SL events…

The Four Bridges community is committed to human rights, social and economic justice, respect for nature and a culture of peace.  This weekend, 2/5 - 2/7, there will be a series of fund raising events to support the sim and its work.  When you stop by you will find a community fair, live music, discussions and a chance to enjoy the carnival rides and fortune tellers.

To cap off the festivities on Sunday February 7th at noon you are invited to a special performance called Follow The Light brought to you by an international cast from Sweden, the UK and the US.   SL composer and musician Junivers Stockholm will perform 3 long musical pieces - a solid rock composition Floyd is Pink, a reflective work called Eden and Going to LA which takes listeners along a musical journey. Junivers will be accompanied by a fireworks performance by Janne Janus and dance by Szvanna Anatra, Cognito Ultsch and Millay Freschi with costumes and choreography by by Medora Chevalier.   In Four Bridges.   [SLurl teleport at this link]

Also after the break: Kyle Beltran Live at TriBeCa Blues, Build Contest at the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum, Author Peter May Reads From His SL Novel and much more

(All event times in SLT, "Second Life Time"-- i.e., Pacific Standard)

Thursday  2/4

6pm - Virtually Speaking with Jay Ackroyd Presents A Feminist Roundtable

Today Jay hosts a multi-generational feminist round table with guests Gloria Feldt, Lynn Harris and Shelby Knox.  Gloria  is a speaker on leadership, politics, health, media and women's lives. Author of The War on Choice: The Right-Wing Attack on Women's Rights and How to Fight Back. Lynn is an author and award-winning journalist who's most recent book is a satirical novel Death by Chick Lit.  Shelby is the writer of 'The Education of Shelby Knox' a documentary about a teenage girl who campaigns for comprehensive sex education in the high schools of Lubbock, Texas. 

Virtually Speaking is a regular public affairs program with host Jay Ackroyd conducted in front of a live SL audience, featuring in-depth conversations with opinion leaders. The show is simulcast on BlogTalkRadio so you can listen even if you can't make it to the studio.  This promises to be an interesting and informative discussion.  in Virtually Speaking.  [SLurl teleport at this link]

6pm - OneSummer Oh Live at the Ragged Edge

Summer covers a wide variety of musicals genres from energetic rock to smoky jazz and blues. She was a child performer in her parents country and western band so sometimes OneSummer breaks out with a beautiful country classic.   She has powerful voice and wonderful stage presence. In Hart and Soles.  [SLurl teleport at this link]

6:30 - How US Federal Taxes Can Impact Your SL Business

This class is perfect for those who have a SL business and are located in the US.  The instructor will present important tax information and will help clarify whether or not you need to report your SL income to the Internal Revenue Service.  In Insight Virtual College.  [SLurl teleport at this link]  


Friday  2/5

5:30pm - Kyle Beltran Live at TriBeCa Blues

I absolutely love Kyle Beltran's live shows and I think you will too.  Tonight he plays at a new club that you should check out called TriBeCa Blues.  Its a great build and the club has a friendly feel.  Kyle will play is special mix of jazz, Chicago-style blues, selected songs from people like Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan.  Kyle writes his own music and you will enjoy his amazing piano playing.  You never know what he is going to do -so don't miss this show.  In MidState New York.  [SLurl teleport at this link

6pm - Build Contest at the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum

The Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum (now licensed with the architect's official foundation) is holding a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Build-Off! It's a fun competition to see who can create the most functional and appealing building within the parameters of the Usonian ideals of Frank Lloyd Wright. The kick-off party begins at 6:00 PM at The Breeze on the museum sim. The actual construction begins at 6:30pm and will continue until Sunday evening on a special build-off sim.  There will be an awards Gala on Monday 2/8 at 7pm to celebrate all contestants.  In Usonia.   [SLurl teleport at this link]  

7pm to 9pm - Von Johin Live at Brews & Blues

Von plays acoustic flatpicking and fingerstyle country blues styles with songs from roots blues artist like Howlin' Wolf, Rev Gary Davis, Muddy Waters, BB King, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Hot Tuna, Willie Dixon and more, streaming from Von Johin's Blue Note Studio in Nashville, TN. In RL Von Johin has performed and recorded with members of Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna, Merl Saunders, Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac and a host of other aging hippy friends in his career as a guitarist, songwriter, artist and sideman.  This two hour show will have you dancing in RL as well as SL.   In Phear.  [SLurl teleport at this link]

8pm - Rosedrop Rust live at The Main Stage

If you have not heard Rusty's music you can check out his myspace or webpage.   He was a standout at the 2009 SLCC in San Francisco and you can see him perform here.   Grab a friend and some dancing shoes and head down to The Main Stage for an evening of music that will touch your soul. What are you waiting for?  Go to the show! In Earpoint.  [SLurl teleport at this link]


Saturday  2/6

8am - Faith to Go On?  Discussion with Roadside Philosophers

Roadside Philosopher's are a brainstorming group that examines concepts within the context of the virtual world. This week they will discuss the concept of Faith.  Come join this discussion of faith and talk about what gives you the strength to continue in the face of uncertainty.  In Agile. [SLurl teleport at this link]  

Virtually Dead Noon - Author Peter May to Read from His SL Novel

Jackson Street Books is pleased to host noted mystery author Peter May who will be reading from his Second Life Novel Virtually Dead.  After the reading, Peter will be available to discuss his work with the audience.  You can view a trailer about the book here.  You can buy the book here.  The event takes place at Jackson Street Books in Pini.    [SLurl teleport at this link]  

6pm - NCI Class:  Basic Sculpted Prims

Learn what a "sculptie" is, how they are created, and how you can get started making your very own sculptured prims (without losing your shirt on expensive 3D modelling software).  Please download and install "Rokuro" here  prior to attending this class.   In Boomer Island.   [SLurl teleport at this link]  

6pm to 8pm - Idella Quandry and Lolo Streusel  Live at The Belar Inshan Social Club

Idella Quandry is the SL avatar of Alicia Morgan, keyboard player, singer and songwriter. Her music leans towards blues, funk and soul, with a little jazz thrown in for kicks. Idella will perform a mixture of original music and favorite covers tonight for the crowd at the Belar Inshan Social Club. At 7pm  you will be treated to an hour of song by Lolo Streusel,  a professional singer currently touring with Chaka Khan and now making her debut into SL.  Lolo mainly sings R&B and soul, but is very versatile so you never know where she might take her set. Join us, won't you?.   In Nield.  [SLurl teleport at this link]


Sunday  2/7

1pm - Salute to Samuel Barber at Phantom Rose Opera House

Come celebrate the 100th birthday of Pulitzer Prize winning composer Samuel Barber, who wrote of orchestral, opera, choral and piano music.  Listen to "Knoxville: Summer of 1915" in a historic recording with soprano Eleanor Steber; "Dover Beach", sung by Dietrich Fischer Dieskau and the "Adagio for Strings".  Enjoy dancing with your partner or meet someone new.  Formal dress required.  In Phantom Rose.  [SLurl teleport at this link]

4pm - KelvinBlue Oh Live at Brews & Blues

Come on down and enjoy the smoking hot blues of  Mr. Kelvinblue Oh.   He will rock the house with his a mix of electric blues and rock. From Hendrix  to ZZ Top, you will hear old favorites with a new twist.  In Phear. [SLurl teleport at this link]

5pm - Ballet Pixelle Performs "Degas Dances" 

See Ballet Pixelle make Degas' paintings come to life!   Experience what Second Life and our virtual world can do for movement.  There is beautiful original classical dance in this performance with choreography by Inarra Saarinen and music by Kurt Bestor. In IBM 10.    [SLurl teleport at this link]  

7pm -- AA Meeting at Recovery Journey

Recovery Journey is a safe place for anyone who is concerned about his or her use of alcohol.  Anonymity provides protection for all members from identification as alcoholics, a safeguard often of special importance to newcomers.  All options of communication welcome...both voice and chat may be used. Voice is NOT required being able to hear is helpful. The only requirement for being part of  [SLurl teleport at this link]  


Monday  2/8

Machinima_003 copy 1pm - University of Western Australia Machinima Challenge Winner's Party

The University of Western Australia has continued its position as a strong promoter of SL Art by issuing a challenge to machinima makers.  They put $90,000 Linden on the table which will go to the winner of this challenge, who will be named today.  The finalists hail from all over the world from Barcelona to Berlin, Perth to Paris and include some of the biggest names in SL machinima such as Chantal Harvey, ColeMarie Soleil, and Sophia Yates.  You can see the finalists machinima here.  The winner will be chosen from this field by an international panel led bu the Vice Chancellor of the University of Western Australia, Professor Alan Robson and SL's very own Torley Linden. The public is invited to witness the announcement of the winner and stay for a party, with Guest of Honor Torley Linden.  In Winthrop Hallin University of WA.     [SLurl teleport at this link]  

7pm - SL/RL Relationship Discussion "The Power of Words" 

When Linden Lab introduced the voice feature we saw the use of voice explode. Yet, while there are many people who dislike text and feel they can get more of a sense of "reality" from a person's voice, there are still others who have found they prefer to remain in text chat. Do you find that words are more powerful when written?  Join Tredi Felisimo for a fun, hearty & supportive discussion of how to sort through the emotions that impact us in both lives. This is an open forum, so come with your questions, ideas, thoughts & wisdomand be prepared to share.  In Open Habitat.  [SLurl teleport at this link]  


Tuesday  2/9

7:30am - Solar Dynamics Observatory SL Launch

Join us on 'Astronomy 2009' island to watch the launch of the Solar Dynamics Observatory! The group will take part in the SDO-Tweetup with questions going out to SDO scientists at Goddard Spaceflight Center via our Twitter account Astronomy2009SL.  Learn about SDO and the "Living With a Star" program while we watch the launch live via a live NASA stream.  In Astonomy2009.  [SLurl teleport at this link]  

3:30pm - Thinkers: Disaster Porn Discussion

A natural disaster or a terrorist attack happens and within hours the media is broadcasting scenes of horror, grief, hope and heroism.  But where should the line be drawn between images shocking enough to portray the disaster and images too shocking to be seen? Come and discuss with Extropia. All welcome.    In Pennyroyal.  [SLurl teleport at this link]  


Wednesday  2/10

7pm - Matthew Perreault at the Luxor Stage

Soothe your hump day worries by heading over to Circe Broome's Luxor Stage for an hour of unique and original songwriting from Matthew Perreault.  In Laurel Arts Isle.  [SLurl teleport at this link]

Around-80days 7pm - Around the World in 80 Days with Onyx Plutonian

Jules Verne struck a new vein in fiction - stories that combined popular science and exploration. In Around the World in Eighty Days, In this book, Phileas Fogg bets his companions that he can travel around the entire globe in just eighty days.  Traveling by train, steamship, sailboat, sledge, and even elephant, they must overcome storms, kidnappings, natural disasters, attacks, and the dogged Inspector Fix of Scotland Yard to win the extraordinary wager. Combining exploration, adventure, and a thrilling race against time, this story gripped audiences upon its publication and remains hugely popular to this day. Story read in voice.  In West of Ireland

  [SLurl teleport at this link]  


Event Submission Guidelines:

  • Events for the coming week must be received by Tuesday Noon SLT.
  • Include all the relevant info; day, time, and especially the SLURL to the event location.
  • Please send related graphics such as screen shots or photo of the event site, if available.
  • Events with artistic, cultural, scientific, political, creative, and/or educational value preferred.
  • Events sponsored or promoted by real world corporations are welcome, as long they serve and entertain the Second Life community, and/or foster Resident-made content (live music, builds, scripting, fashion, games, etc.) Events that merely promote the company or
  • organization's Second Life presence are not generally appropriate; you may instead consider advertising your event or service on New World Notes.
  • Mature-rated events are permissible, but listing descriptions should be PG-13. Political and religious events are encouraged, though those of an extreme or non-inclusive variety are rarely included.
  • Bonus consideration given to game-related or machinima events, and for events with "I've never seen that in SL before!" value.

If you'd like an event to be considered, send the description and event information via email to Chestnut Rau at Or contact her in-world via IM.


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