Wednesday, February 03, 2010

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Get a New World Notes Invite to City of Eternals, Make Your Second Life Friends Your Vampire Minions!

City of Eternals Minions

I just got a special New World Notes invite code to City of Eternals, the web-based vampire MMO I'm helping develop. (And which I think is pretty damn cool, but then I'm biased.) Use this link to request a special early invite which comes with 100 ohais, the in-game currency for buying special items. One side benefit: if you have a lot of Second Life avatars in your friends' list, you can turn them into your vampire minions, order them to do your bidding, and assign them special sexy roles (Boy Toy, Concubine, Succubus, and more.) As you can see, I've already amassed quite a delicious pyramid of famous Residents in my own vampire entourage.


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Extropia DaSilva

I see Gwyn is a vampire.

I am not all that surprised. I am pretty sure I once read that red hair is diagnostic of vampirism:)

Ann Otoole

So this is like a video game for SL related journalists that don't take vamp rp seriously then right? Must be given who appears to be involved lmao.

Arcadia Codesmith

O hai! I is in ur game, stakin ur leches!

Taking vamp RP seriously is like biting into a piece of angst wrapped in angst with angst sprinkles and a chewy angst center.

Sucks all the life out of it, you might say.

Personally, I don't see anything sexy about a walking corpse with the ultimate social disease. Lycanthropes, on the other hand, are HOT.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Now, now, you folks. Vampires are tragically hip.

As for monster-hotness, I'll abstain from voting, but vampires are most certainly Clinton-era monsters. Here's your 21st century monster: the zombie. They are also tragically unhip. And most definitely un-hot.

I'd say Hamlet is a vampiric playah from the looks of his "delicious pyramid," so he can stop trying to teach those SL bots the language of love :)

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