Wednesday, April 07, 2010

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Mixed Reality Project Uses RFID To Connect Interaction of Real Objects to Virtual Ones in Second Life

Mixed reality design project (2/3)
Uploaded by huggy

What you're looking at above is a mixed reality project by French developer Hugobiwan Zolnir, which uses RFID chips to connect the interaction of real world objects to virtual objects in Second Life. This is done by linking objects with an RFID touchtag to a web database that tracks object coordinates and position, and in turn sends that data into SL. Full details on Zolnir's site here. The upshot, as you see above, is pretty cool: put an object on the real world grid, see it rezzed (or de-rezzed) on the Second Life grid.

It's not just a fun hack, however, because Monsieur Zolnir sees real world applications coming out of this: "The idea is to design an immersive space on the fly by just moving tagged physical objects," he writes, "and to share and exchange in this generated space in order to experience and improve it. No mouse, no technical skills for the user of the design tool." So imagine using it, for example, as a platform for architecture and urban design conducted in two or more remote locations. Follow Zolnir's progress here.


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Ann Otoole

Coolness. I think the reaction grid guys are making a robotic arm interface. Which has serious industrial use case potential. As does RFID interfaces.

Nice to see.

Kyle G

Great article, we love Hugo over here at RG and think this RFID work is amazing. Ann is correct we are working on a 3D sequence programmable robot arm & Augmented Reality using webcam face, gesture & color detection to drive inworld events. Kudos to Hugo for showing where ROI for industrial use can be found in 3D!


Very cool.

Force Factor

That good projects.... I hope you will support this projects.........

hugobiwan zolnir

I thank you all ! This is just a very simple proof of concept i made at home with the touchatags rfid kits.

I am a fan of RG and of NWN and would be very honored to discover the great project that can been done by you all.

Best regards from France.


RFID products are quite intersting to design and to
implement it!!!!

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