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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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Douglas Story

Thanks for the nod, Hamlet. Describing my RL professional role as a filmmaker is a bit of a stretch. I write, produce and edit promos, segments and other short-form pieces, but an auteur ah ain't!

Saffia Widdershins

Douglas was interviewed about Ripple and his other work for the first episode of Metaverse Arts on Treet TV: http://treet.tv/shows/metaverse-arts/episodes/premiere-10jul10

Corcosman Voom

For afficianados of Douglas and Desdemona's work and/or SL History, their first collaboration has been maintained by the Chilbo Community Building Project. Go to the Chilbo Museum (it's in my Picks), find the orange sphere at the landing spot and take the teleport up. Their first build contains elements that fans will recognize as carrying through to their later, more sophisticated, pieces

And I very much enjoyed the Metaverse Arts on Treet TV interview.

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