Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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How to Make a Working Mirror in Second Life

Blaze Borgin has a nice video tutorial for making a mirror and other reflective surfaces that actually work in Second Life. Well, kinda sorta: while you can't actually make a mirror in SL, Second Life water does reflect. So it's just a matter of getting the water where you want the mirror to be. (Plus a lot more tweaks. Read about them in the video's Show More section here.)


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Wizard Gynoid



Didn't you make a post like this about this very subject last year?


ok my mistake, i was certain i saw the video here, but i guess must have been another SL new blog


Oh and by the way this video isn't the tutorial.

Laetizia Coronet

Alright, I'll ask the dumb question. I can follow all of that - I am more of a tekkie than I thought I was - but how do I get vertical water?

Adeon Writer

Hint: It's not the water that is sideways.

I've known about this trick for a while too, I've a video of it that is also not a tutorial, but I do show "Behind the Scenes" to see what is actually really going on. :)

Hamlet Au

Loki, I think I blogged one where a furry dude seemed to have a mirror in his house... but then pulled back to reveal the house was tipped over in the water to get the reflection effect. Slightly different (but rocking!)


Since the code is already there to make the water reflect, could not a TPV re-direct that code to other surfaces? i.e. add a setting under Edit > Texture > Shininess for "Mirror" and then apply the water reflection code for that object surface?

Adeon Writer

Hamlet! That furry dude was me! :P

Adeon Writer

And yes - sadly there is no way to get a mirror on the on a wall. Anytime you see a mirror as such, it's a sideways shot. (Which is why you'll never see the horizon at the same time.)

Risto Shim

Hello I have seen this article to create mirrors and reflections, but I have only achieved this effect in Second Life water.

How will can get this mirror effect on a prim, please? Thanks :)

ColeMarie Soleil

this is music from Shin Megai Tensei: Digital Devil Saga... + 50 geek points... awesome

Blaze Borgin

Ah yeah, this video wasn't meant to be a tutorial, but I did include instructions on how to create the mirror effect in the video description. Just watch the video on youtube and you should find everything written down. IM me in world if you want a copy of the normalmap.

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