Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Hear Me Talk Avatars & Race on PRI's The Takeaway Today

PRI Takeaway Second Life

This morning I'm going to be a guest on public radio's The Takeaway, with Celeste Headlee and John Hockenberry. I'll be talking about race and avatar identity, covering a lot of issues brought up during the SXSW panel I was just on. (Click here for more.) They're taping my segment with SXSW panel organizer Jeff Yang at 6:40AM Eastern (OMFG), while the show itself broadcasts live between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Eastern. Check your local listings, or just click here to here the show stream live online.

Besides race and avatars, it's possible Hockenberry and I may end up talking more generally about Second Life, because as it happens, he was one of the first national journalists to make an appearances in SL, back during the 2006 hype wave -- interviewing Suzanne Vega in-world:

On the other hand, it's quite possible I won't be able to stay awake for 3.5 more hours to be on the show. Which could make the show much more interesting, in a painfully awkward kind of way.


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Ann Otoole InSL

Too bad the hype cycle happened before SL was ready. Today we can really get customized with our appearances. Oh wait LL is trying to kill that off and so are you. You guys are trying to force us out of avatar identity.


No worries. Other virtual worlds are rising to take over now.

Adeon Writer

6:40 AM Eastern, huh? Enjoying my time zone? :D Mornin'

Melissa Yeuxdoux

I listened to the segment, which they have up on the web page... I'll listen to the show proper (at least what is left now that I'm up here in Central Time) to see what discussion is provoked. Thanks!

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