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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


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Daniel Voyager


Adeon Writer

These Vehical Avatars (Or "Vehitars" as they are called in the inventory) are freaking cool. I recommend the monster truck. (It's name is Jackson)

Emerald Wynn

Hamlet, the unicorn is grabbing the tiger's crotch!!! MY EYES! MY EYES!

Lisa Frank would so not approve.

Nathan Adored

Wait, aren't purchases at Marketplace already delivered straight to your account's inventory? What's different about Direct Delivery?

Damien Fate

Direct delivery skips the need to 'accept' the inventory offer and also gives the option of selling items in a folder, rather than a box which would need to be rezzed and unpacked.

Since I am here anyway, here is a link to my blog post which talks about the creation side of the cartoon animal avatars released by LL recently: http://blog.damienfate.com/?p=593



The animals and robots are great.

But for the cars... nicely made... but this will be a pain in the a**. Can you imagine who annoying are cars dancing in a club or at a venue?

And what did they think to offer a tank??? A tank?? Let us have wonderful war toys in the Linden inventory... bahh...

FlipperPA Peregrine

I wonder if Direct Delivery is going to be available to LSL users, or just the SL Marketplace. Years ago, SLExchange, SLBoutique and SecondServer were all begging for a more robust llGiveInventory which worked on the assets directly, rather than going through the sim / prim messaging system.



Nomi Lee

GREAT... if have such big problems with marketplace deliveries, a good 25% fail ... which means explaining someone every second day that their money was automatically refunded, where to find their marketplace transaction history, or their delivery status page etc etc etc etc etc etc etc ... thank god !!!!

Nomi Lee

btw, these avs are so damn good, they will set several creators out of business ...

nexus burbclave

*Insert obligatory sim crossing as a vehicle joke*

These are some fantastic updates. Those avatars look awesome, and direct delivery should solve a lot of problems that people have had with the marketplace.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

YAY. Cannot wait to drive up to the next educator's gathering as a Mini Cooper. I'll see if I can customize it to look like my RL ride.

Ehrman Digfoot

Great job LL! I can remember suggesting that LL hire profession creators to design non human avatars in these forums back on March 21 when basic first came out. I really think all of the polish and infrastructure level improvements LL is making have made Second Life a pretty attractive product and will do so much more for SL's growth than direct "facebook integration" ever could have.


Oooh nice work from Damien. Tho I think Ferrari's legal team will start drooling at the sight of that Enzo... specially since there will be a company behind it now rather then a random unknown person. Companies can be sued for a lot more then the average Joe.

Ps. The cartoon av's could *technically* be called furries as furry is no more then a shorter word for anthropomorphic animal.

But anyway nice work and ill certanly have a closer look at them inworld :)

Ann Otoole InSL

A short bus? lol

Arcadia Codesmith

Drawing distinctions between "furry" and "cartoon animal" is just reinforcing the stigma.

And... ummm, yeah, so is that unicorn.

Dave Gaffer

Finally, I can use almost any object as an avatar, just attach to pelvis and use the rest of the 'Vehitar" parts. So much easier than the way I was doing it. So my disembodied head or brain can just wander the grid. :)

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