Monday, August 15, 2011

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Linden Lab Adds SL Content Specialty Roles (Art, Fashion, Games, Etc.) to Product Team - Here's How to Contact Them

Linden Lab's product team now has specialty roles for specific varieties of SL content, and is actively encouraging content creators to get in touch with them to address specific issues in their expertise. This was another important point raised during yesterday's SLCC keynote, where many of these specialists appeared (pictured above.) Here's their specialty and contact info:

  • Art - Durian Linden - durian at lindenlab dot com
  • Gaming & Breedables - Gez Linden - gez at lindenlab dot com
  • Roleplaying - Esbee Linden - esbee at lindenlab dot com
  • Adult - Charlar Linden - charlar at lindenlab dot com
  • Education - Geo Linden - geo at lindenlab dot com
  • Music - Nya Linden - nya at lindenlab dot com
  • Fashion- Cassanda Linden - cassandra at lindenlab dot com

As a former Linden who did some production while not writing New World Notes, here's my personal advice on reaching them. (If you prefer other means, Lindens, please note that in Comments):

Linden Product specialists

  • Contact them via e-mail, not IM and especially not for the love of sanity SL notecards: IM messages are easily lost, and for many reasons, in-world notecards are by far the most incandescently ridiculous way of attempting to communicate with someone who is not extensively in SL during their leisure time (i.e. a Linden who's generally in-world to work.)
  • Clearly convey your point in the subject and the very first sentence of the e-mail: Failure to do so increases the chances they'll miss the reason you're writing.
  • Keep your first e-mail under 250 words: Anything longer is a strong incentive to reply at a later date (or not at all.) If they want more details, they'll ask.
  • Include your SL name and real life name in the e-mail: I'm amazed at how many people fail to include their SL name. I also recommend including your real name to establish your credibility and seriousness. Generally speaking, professional content creators should not tether their brand to a single platform. Address Lindens as peers, not fans, and they'll treat you as such.

I can just imagine the requests and suggestions these folks will get. ("Three words, Charlar: Adjustable avatar taint.")


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Dirk Talamasca

Will last two weeks.. a month at most.

Penny Patton

Is there anything explaining exactly what their roles are as "content specialists"?

On the face of it, it sounds like a potentially good idea, but I have to wonder what LL's goals are for these positions.

Esbee Linden

Why am I looking at my prim like that in the photo? LOL

In addition to discussing content creation, anyone should feel free to share their favorite tips/places/things to us in our respective areas. Whether you're a creator or consumer of great experiences in SL, we want to hear from you!

I've already had a few folks reach out to me with their favorite role playing sims and a few notes of how we can make role playing in SL even better. Please keep it coming! Send me landmarks, post on my SL profile.


Helene Zuili aka Clara Young

It is really sad to see that Linden Lab did not designate any role for collaborational enterprise projects... Enterprises are also part of the community, they are social, they are R&D... Too bad...

DMC Jurassic

What about business? 'Business' for those residents seeking to introduce more SL users to the world. A Linden business development liaison.

Charlar Linden

Sorry I wasn't at that presentation - I did do a mesh launch presentation the day before. .
I look forward to learning even more about the technical aspects inherent in the adult world. The work (features and functionality) done by creators in the Adult realm is cutting edge; that can get lost in talk about the subject matter.


Indigo Mertel

This is a good initiative, but I wonder why nothing is done for communities. There was a community manager once, and what about the Community Partnership Program? It has been suspended about a year ago and just sent into oblivion since then.

Communities are an important retention factor. They provide quality content in several fields, improve the landscape, avoid excessive land parcelization, etc. Communities should be supported by Linden Lab.

Ann Otoole InSL

Is this concept and what is covered explained in detail somewhere in the wiki?

Arcadia Codesmith

At first glance, I rejected the notion of "business" as a content specialty. But on second thought, there's a fairly significant sector of content creation that's devoted to retail support (vendor scripts and systems being a prime example) that isn't really the domain of any of the existing roles and would benefit from a technical specialist.


I read the new Product Team contact list as the Lab's take on what I call, economic mega-regions, and what the Lab calls, economic participation.

These have been identified for the real world since 2001 but are still being articulated for the virtual world.

More on this later but slides are available now, and video recordings next week, for the presentations from this year's SLCC Commerce & Marketing Track that address these issues.

The real and virtual worlds are changing as a new vision is forming, and it is not comfortable for many of us.

It is becoming essential to be fluent in, not just aware of or literate about, economic distinctions and predictors of success.

SLCC 2011 – The Future of Commerce in Second Life by Jeff Vogt – SL Vogt Linden

SLCC 2011 – How SL Businesses and Non-Profits Work Together for a Mutually Beneficial Relationship in Second Life by Jeff Montegut – SL Stingray9798 Rayma

SLCC 2011 - The Creative Economy In Second Life by James Neville - SL Sitearm Madonna

SLCC 2011 – Destination Guide and Beyond New SL Promotional Channels Today – by Brett Atwood – SL Brett Linden

SLCC 2011 – Capital Exchange Stock Market Simulation Game by Carmen Dubaldi – SL Skip Oceanlane


Ajax Manatiso

Shouldn't they give Durian a computer too? Is that a beer in front of him? No wonder he's smiling.


Greetings Mister Hamlet Au !

Are you working for Google+ this day ? Just joking, but you insisted on the "real name" thing so much that I had to comment.

I do not see why a "real name" will "establish your credibility and seriousness": all the stupid jerks I encounter every day are sporting a real name (And I can't mute them).

In SL, your credibility is linked to your SL pseudonym, your avatar' name. If I have respect for what you write, it's because you have been in SL an you wrote about it well (and have done a very good book about it). You earned this respect and my interest for your writing. It would be the same if you had never let anyone know who you are in RL.
And it is a great strenght of SL to permit people to start defining who they want to be from scratch... and to put everyone on the same footing when first rezzing inworld.

And last, if the Linden themselves cannot "believe in SL", and only respect "real people" where are we heading?
PS: yes the taint idea is funny... but is a credible request too :)

Nalates Urriah

Some Lindens respond better to notes in their feed.

Pithy is always good when communicating with a Linden. Also, important is getting the correct Linden.


I came away with an "imates in charge of the asylum" kinda feel. I liked it >;)

Connie Sec

@ Stroker.. Laughs

Candy Cerveau

@Esbee - because it is a very sturdy and well built prim? :D

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