Monday, August 08, 2011

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Mixed Reality Clubbing in SL's Club Republik and SF's DNA

Rik Riel has some great media from last Saturday's DNA Lounge/Club Republik club night which connected the San Francisco hot spot to the virtual club, including this:

Many thanks to Keela Latte of Club Republik for being a great metaverse DJ in both worlds. It was a hugely fun event, and as promised, I did indeed dance my ass off. That said, I do wish the mixed reality aspect came off better at the DNA Lounge:

Mixed Reality DNA and SL Club night

Apparently, the club's big screens could not display SL running at high resolution, so Keela had to use an old viewer running at a lower resolution, and consequently, the video feed wasn't super great. (Even though a Linden was at the club, and tried to help tweak the system as best he could.) With all that, I think most of the real life clubbers didn't quite get what was happening on the screen. When the DNA Lounge's emcee asked them all to give a shout out to the clubbing avatars in Second Life, a drunk girl near me shouted, "Can you please speak in English?!"

All that to one side, I'd love to see more mixed reality clubbing events like this, just with better deployment. When they're done well, they're seriously cool. I once helped run one at a party in the Mission district, and the SL feed was so fascinating, all those beautiful fricking hipsters actually stopped dancing to gawk at the avatars.

Anyway, speaking of dancing asses off, here's my boy Rik onstage, popping and locking like a madman. Because along with running TechSoup's space for non-profit organizations in SL, he's also a breakdancer who's danced onstage with Sharon Jones - twice! Turn the volume down, though, the audio is fail:


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Ann Otoole InSL

Nope. Using LL's vaunted SLv2 viewer I crashed in 60 seconds. However I was able to use Phoenix and never crash at all for hours (on an alt) so the issue is clearly with the SLv2 code. As for resolution? lmao. Just as good "high resolution" with Phoenix kiddo. LL's v2 code has issues that the v1 code has not. Period. The issue is LL's v2 code. Not user generated content. And everyone knows this despite the exhortations of certain Lindens that say UGC is the cause of all problems in SL.

Everyone knows. Except, apparently, rodvik.

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