Friday, September 30, 2011

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Five of My Favorite Second Life Blogs

Favorite SL blogs

Here's five of my favorite SL-oriented blogs to visit this weekend and RSS for future reading:

General SL info/resource: Daniel Voyager does a great job keeping abreast of day-to-day official announcements, and around the metaverse media scape.

Stylish locations: Eve Kazan's Madamemoiselle is a beautiful SL fashion blog, but it's also a great resource for finding beautiful locations in-world.

SL events: Kara Trapdoor consistently has info and links to interesting in-world events.

SL content creation/economics: Prim Perfect is a reliable resource for topics impacting content creators in SL.

Miscellaneous: Emily Orr's Train Wreck Love Life is opinionated, well-written, and wide-ranging. The post titles are based on unrelated song lyrics and the posts themselves usually encompass several unrelated topics, making them somewhat difficult to read in an RSS feed, but often still worth the dig.

Stay bloggy, my friends! Five more of my favorites soon. Do please post your own favorites in Comments.


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Missy Restless

Good ones Hamlet. Sort of a Follow Friday for SL blogs. I like anya ohmai at and Connie Arida at and Chestnut Rau at and Nalates Urriah at and Inara Pey at and YOU! Plus a bunch of others but they will have to wait for the next SL Blogger Follow Friday :)

Kara Trapdoor

Hi, Thanks! I'm very honored to make the list. Yours was the first SL blog I discovered. There are so many great SL related blogs around and I also especially like
-Machinima Artist Guild for all things machinima
-Min Avatar Heter Apmel for a variety of events, arts, and fun happenings
-SLife Fantastic for great photos with explore info, events, etc

Pepys Ponnier

And not to forget Noirran Marx' superb house and decorating blog: SL House and Decorating Addict, best out there.....


Nice picks. Thanks for sharing.

Missy Restless

I copied you and did my own "Five of My Favorite Second Life Blogs" post at

IntLibber Brautigan

What, blacklisting the Herald? For shame!

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