Friday, December 30, 2011

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New World Notes' Top 5 Second Life Machinima for 2011!

Happy New Year, NWNers! While we wind down 2011, here's my top five favorite SL machinimas for the year, more than worth watching this weekend. Starting with number five, first blogged here, here is Arbit Delacroix's utterly stylish official music video for "Pixelated Truth" from RL Danish band Giana Factory:

At number four is Eric Boccara's face-punching "Juroney" (first blogged here), which proves you can make visually smashing, totally believable action-oriented machinima in SL:

See selections number three to one and an honorable mention after the break!

Artwashers from 2sense Productions on Vimeo.

Number three: "Artwashers" by Friday Siamendes, which I first blogged here, making great use of voice acting and comic editing:

A strong second is "Traveling", which I first blogged about here, by Pep Lemmon (who also wrote the music), which NWN reader Ehrman Digfoot then called, quite accurately, "breathtaking". Behold:

And my very favorite for 2011, first blogged here, Tutsy Navarantha's dazzling "A Journey Into the Metaverse”:

And here's an honorable mention of "Codes of Honor", which I blogged about here, which isn't SL machinima in the usual sense, as it incorporates a lot RL documentary footage, but just as much worth watching and being inspired by for that very reason:

By "best", I'm only including the machinima I've watched and blogged about in 2011, and I'm sure I've missed many that could just as easily deserve a mention -- please include your favorites in Comments below.

Eric Boccara Second Life machinima Juroney


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All good choices. But personally, I would have picked "Codes of Honor" as my number one for the year. For the very reason that it's a good blend of SL and RL.

I'd have to agree the strong second is "Traveling".

"Pixelated Truth" was cute, and a great song, but I'm so spoiled by Miku Miku Dance videos on YouTube, that the motion just seems stuttering.

"Juroney" and "A Journey..." were nice stories, but didn't hold my attention well.

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