Monday, December 19, 2011

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Top Winners of UWA's SL Machinima Contest: Navarantha's "Welcome to the Other Side" & Siamendes' "Art Washers"

The University of Western Australia just announced the winners of its yearly machinima contest, which I helped judge, and I'm imminently stoked to say the winners also happen to be my own two favorites from the contest. Selected from other 80 entries, grand prize went to Tutsy Navarantha's "Welcome to the Other Side", which you really have to see if you haven't seen yet (though it's somewhat NSFW):

Second place went to Artwashers" by Friday Siamendes , a pretty hilarious pseudo-documentary about the clean-up crew who manage a virtual art museum. (See after the break below):

Fourth place went to another personal favorite from the contest: "Virtual Love", a lovely and moving machinima by Iono Allen, two artificial souls meet across the digital divide:

See all the winners at the UWA in SL blog here. (It's a bit difficult and dense to read, but scroll down for the machinima listings.) Thanks much to UWA's JJ Jega for getting me involved and running this massive machinima contest.

McLuhan Metaverse Machinima

In September, by the way, I interviewed Tutsy about making "Welcome to the Other Side" here.


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Jay Jay

thrilled that you were willing to judge this! Thanks mate

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