Monday, March 05, 2012

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Raglan Shire Launches Kickstarter to Bring SL's Beloved Tinies to Real Life and a Mass Audience

This is cool and exciting and, of course, cute as hell: Kickstarter's The Tinies of Raglan Shire, as the name suggests, is a crowdfunding project that aims to bring the beloved and hugely popular tinies avatars of Second Life to a much wider audience, through custom animations, music, media partners and more. Watch the presentation featuring Raglan Shire creators Wynx Whiplash and Zayn Till (whose real life name is Michael Kushner):

Go here for much more. "We really like Kickstarter because they publicly try to help creative ventures obtain funding... CREATIVE being the key word," Zayn tells me, and goes on:

Kickstarter Crowdsource SL Tinies

"Artists, musicians, film makers, crafts people and anyone who is trying to obtain funds to help further their creative goals. Kickstarter is a great place for them. Plus they provide some nice tools to help promote and get the word out. You still have to be successful though, it's still not a given you will actually raise what you're asking for, but the approach, tools and presentation they provide is nice and the rest... well that's up to you."

As for whether Raglan Shire can raise the funding it needs, that's up to you, tinies and SL fans -- click here to consider donating. In the last few days since their Kickstarter launched, they've raised nearly $3000 of their $8000 goal. Will check back soon to see how far those tinies can go.


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Damien Fate

Aww! The 3D tinies were so awesome, the project sounds very fun.

Good luck with it :)

Pussycat Catnap

My experience with the Tinies in SL is that they're some of the both nicest and most creative folks on the grid.


Destined to be! Wewt!

Zayn Till

Quick FYI for clarification, though there is some brief machinima in the short film to illustrate where this all came from, the main focus right now and for the future is a re-imagining of The Tinies of Raglan Shire in 3D modeled and hand drawn animation as well as other media.

Go Team Tiny!

Thank you for the Bloggage Love Hamlet :)

foneco zuzu

And so much they could accomplish if on a non profit grid!

Hamlet Au

Thanks for the clarification, Zayn, I changed "machinima" to "custom animation", hope that's more accurate!

Ann Otoole InSL

pssst: the latest secret is you can get a whole lot more out of a sim if tiny/petite sized. When your avi is just over 0.5 meters tall you can fit tons on a small parcel.


And if you want to meet these tiny entrepreneurs, the Nonprofit Commons is featuring them this Friday March 9 at the Nonprofit Commons, starting at 8:30am PT.

See our website for details.

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