Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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Kickstart This: Epic RPG Game Satirizing Epic RPG Games

"Tortured Hearts - or, How I Saved The Universe. Again." is the name of a very promising Kickstarter-funded game, an epic-length RPG that is a satire of epic-length RPGs. (That is to say, pretty much all RPGs.) Or as the Kickstarter puts it: "Since almost every imaginable plot scenario and character has already been used and overused to the point that cliches are unavoidable, Tortured Hearts instead revels in pointing out that the life of adventurers is one endless heroic cliche, some sort of existential trap created by the gods of RPG worlds." So you know, like Nietzsche's theory of eternal recurrence, but with more stabbing. The development team have a pretty decent track record of previously published games, and the 3D engine, which renders the world to look like it's hand-drawn (as seen above), looks pretty impressive. They want to raise $300,000 in a month, so consider pledging.

Speaking of Kickstarters, Auditorium 2, the indie music game I blogged about on Monday, reached its funding goal with just days to spare. (Thanks to NWN readers, no doubt!)


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Love the look of the engine! But what will make or break it will be the writing, keeping just enough satire to make it funny but not cringe-worthy.

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