Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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Enter a 48 Hour Machinima Contest Head Judged by Star Wars FX Creator (UPDATED)

48 hour machinima contest

Click here to enter this year's 48 Hour Machinima contest, which you should do soon, because the deadline to register is before March 30. The contest is being co-judged by Tony Dyson, who built R2-fricking-D2 for Star Wars. More: The winner gets $3000 Australian dollars.

"All games and virtual worlds can enter this contest," contest co-producer Chantal Harvey tells me. "It is the biggest international machinima contest ever, and part of the 48 Hour Film Project."

Here's some more resources before getting started:

And while I don't have one hundredth the film cred of a dude like R2D2's maker, here's my own guidelines for great machinima.

Update, 5:35pm: Due to a mis-communication, I originally (and accidentally) wrote that this year's judges would include acclaimed auteur Peter Greenaway (a longtime advocate of machinima as a new art form), Markus Parker-Rhodes (who helped Terry Gilliam create the beloved Monthy Python's Flying Circus animations), and Trace Sanderson (who as Lainy Voom made masterpiece SL machinimas like this one). These were past judges. Sorry for the error, which has since been corrected.


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